Exercise and Height

Does exercise increase height? Find the new ways.

The height and growth of human being depends upon different factors like hormone, nutrition, genes and environment. Exercising is one of the best ways to enhance the height rapidly and you can grow taller. Exercises on daily basis help you to strengthen your muscles of the body and also help to release the growth hormones which are responsible for the maximization of the height of a person. Most probably, the height may increase till the age of 21-25 years. Exercises: Jogging:  Jogging is the best exercise to increase your height, particularly when practice it during or soon after the teenage year. It helps to make your bones physically stronger. Swimming: Swimming is the strongest type of exercise which is one of the full body workouts in water. Breaststroke is the best swimming style to raise your height. Hanging: Hanging is the best way to increase your height and lengthen the bone. Some studies show that individuals who perform hanging can successfully extend their back [...]

Ice pack therapy
Hot water therapy

Which therapy is better? Cold or Heat?

It is not appropriate to say one therapy is better than the other because both have their own uses and benefits. Mostly in some conditions we use cold therapy and in some conditions we use hot therapy but sometime both therapies are used at the same time depending upon the condition. Cold therapy: Ice or cold therapy is also called cryotherapy. It can help to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and bleeding anywhere in the body. How to apply cold therapy? Cold therapy is used in the forms of ice packs, cold sprays, ice massage, cold bath, Full body ice therapy chamber, cryostretching (using cold during stretching to reduce muscle spasm) cryokinetics (the combination of ice therapy and active exercise used for ligament sprain). Cold therapy should not be applied directly on the skin because it can damage the underlying tissues and skin. It is applied for 10 -15 min after injury or swelling as soon as possible. It should not be apply for more [...]

Active child

How to keep your child active and healthy?

Physical activity is very necessary for healthy growth and proper development of a child. Active lifestyle of children also has beneficial effects later in life. Active and healthy child can mange stress and develop well. Regular checkup of children from their Doctor is also necessary for proper development and  in early diagnosis of any problem if present. You can adopt following ways to keep your child active and healthy: Good sleep Make timetable for sleep pattern and ensure that your child take good sound sleep. Good sleep is necessary for proper mental growth and help child to be active and perform better. Good efficient sleep regulate metabolism, helps to recover from any illness and calm down emotions. So it is necessary for your child to take good sleep. Healthy Diet Provide your child fresh healthy diet. Encourage the use of natural diet that helps in child growth instead of giving them junk food. Give them school lunch with healthy food like homemade pizzas or fruits [...]

happy life

How to live a Happy Life?

Happiness is a state when you really enjoy your life and wants to do the best. You feel grateful and live the moment. Signs of being Happy: Living in the moment: One of the signs of being happy is to live the moment and not worrying about past or future. You actually free yourself from unnecessary stress or anxiousness about past or future. Because of worrying about something, you cannot change the things of life. Being Grateful with others: When a person is happy, he expresses gratitude about the blessings he possesses and love to share them with others. It’s a great feeling to show kindness and helping someone. Being Honest and having strong moral principles: He/she lives his life with full integrity and honesty when a person is happy. He means what he says and do. He/she values relations or things important in life. Being satisfied with your work or activities: A Happy person feels satisfied with the work and engage himself in meaningful activities. Meaning activities [...]



POSTURE: It’s the position of a body in rest or while in motion. It can be Dynamic or Static. A Dynamic posture is the one which we assume while in motion like walking, bending or running. A Static posture is the one that we assume while at rest. Maintenance of a normal posture is important otherwise it may lead a faulty posture which cast excessive forces on muscles and joints. Over time this faulty posture lead to musculoskeletal issues. There are two primary and two secondary curves of the spine. Primary curves are original fetal curves. They include the Thoracic and Sacrococcygeal while secondary curves include cervical and lumbar. Cervical curve is formed when child started holding up his neck and lumbar curve is formed when the child started sitting. Exaggeration of these curves or decrease in there angle will lead to faulty posture. WAYS TO SIT Adopting a correct posture to avoid spinal and muscular issues is necessary.  For a healthy back correct sitting [...]

Periods not in time

Why Periods/Cycles are not in time?

Periods frequently start between 10 to 16 years, and continued until menopause, when a female is of 45 to 55 years old. Their irregularity is called amenorrhea and can occur due to hormonal imbalance. Late or missed periods occur for several reasons other than pregnancy. Two times periods in female life when her periods are irregular are when it primary begin and second when menopause initiates. Menstrual cycle can range from each 21 to 35 days monthly. The periods which are irregular can present with following symptom: Vomiting, sickness Temperature Excessive bleeding Severe pain in the pelvis and back Bleeding more than seven days Bleeding later than you have entered menopause and not cycle for a year. CAUSES: There are many reasons that your periods may be irregular. The mainly causes are Stress: Stress can alter your daily life and your hormones. It may affect your brain parts which are liable for regulate your cycle. More than time, it can also lead to rapid weight loss or increase illness. If you [...]


Does stress cause body pain? How to cope with it?

Mental stress is a condition in which person experience mood changes and feel confused, overwhelmed, unable to make decisions or out of control. Stress definitely show some physical signs and cause body pain. Physical signs of stress includes feeling low or having low energy, dry mouth, difficulty in swallowing, headache, general body pain , tightness in muscles and Stomach issues like constipation, diarrhea or nausea, etc. Management of Stress: Stress can be best managed by following these steps. Take Good Sleep Take good sleep and set time table for sleep pattern. Because Insufficient sleep causes tiredness and person cannot do his work properly. Continuous tiredness and unable to do work properly leads to stress. That’s why to feel fresh and energetic good sleep is necessary. Eat Healthy Diet Eat healthy diet and take meals on proper time. Some time deficiency of important nutrients in diet leads to changes in brain chemical activity. This causes mood problems and stress. One of its example is vitamin B12 [...]

Stem Cell


Stem cell therapy is one of the more advanced medical treatments that is used for repair of diseased and dysfunctional tissue and is also known as regenerative medicine. These are body cells that divide to form daughter cells which later form similar stem cells or differentiate into specific cells like heart, brain or blood cells. There are two types of stem cells. One are the hematopoietic stem cells and the other are called as mesenchymal stem cells, also known as MSCs. These have the capacity to regenerate the bone, cartilage and fat. They have the ability to support cartilage. They work in four main ways i.e. decrease Scarring, boosting the immune system, controlling inflammation and stimulating regeneration Stem cells are used for different purposes: To check the effectiveness of a medicine: Researchers use stem cells to check the quality and effectiveness of a medicine along with the safety to use it on humans. To replace the damaged cells: Stem cells are used to replace [...]



What is obesity? Obesity is one of the leading problems of many countries, so person with BMI of 25 or above is considered as obese. High blood pressure, high cholesterol level and high glucose level in the blood leads to diseases and increased the mortality rate. Now, obesity is getting common among children. Common causes of obesity include: Physical Inactivity Eating habits Family History Junk food Over-eating Genetics Environmental Factors How to prevent obesity? Obesity may cause cardiovascular diseases. Let us consider some factors that can help you to reduce obesity and make you feel healthy. They may help you get rid of bulky body mass and makes you looks good and presentable. IMBALANCE BETWEEN ENERGY INTAKE AND CONSUMPTION Major cause of obesity is the imbalance between calories consumption and calories expended. Eating more than once need and not working out accordingly lead to more fat accumulation in body, so one must consume according to the need. PHYSICAL INACTIVITY Physical activity is one of the most essentials to maintain weight for longer duration. That is why, [...]

Blood Pressure

Lower your BP with exercise and diet

High blood pressure means raised pressure exerted against the walls of arteries. With time, this pressure can be a reason for several problems i.e. It may damage the blood vessel causing heart disease, paralysis attack, kidney issues or other problems. High Blood pressure is silent killer The reason is that it may produce no symptoms for a long period of time and can be left untreated. Risk factors for High Blood Pressure Risk factors for high blood pressure like age, gender, race and family history are unmodifiable. Modifiable risk factors include life style, diet and exercise that can have great impact on lowering high blood pressure. Myths about High Blood pressure One of the myth about High Blood Pressure is that if it runs in family then it cannot be prevented. But in reality you can prevent it by making small changes in your life style. It is considered that if only table salt intake is reduced then blood pressure will remain controlled. Controlling sodium doesn’t mean just [...]