The term dyslexia is used to describe a person’s difficulty reading printed words even though
he/she has normal intelligence and received appropriate reading instruction.
As speech-language pathologists, we have extensive training and knowledge about phonological
skills. Many students with speech sound errors have phonological errors. This means they have
trouble understanding which sounds should be put together to form words. They may use
phonological processes where they replace one class of sounds with another (such as replacing
all long sounds like “s” with short sounds like “t”). These same children with phonological
speech errors may have phonological reading problems as well (a.k.a. dyslexia).
Tools used by Speech Language Pathologists:
Tools commonly used in speech therapy include:
 Placement tools (correct tongue positioning for certain sounds)
 Oral sensory chews
 Straws
 Tongue depressors
 Picture boards
 Books
 Flashcards
 Dry erase boards
 Flip charts
 Sensory toys
 Formal tools & assessments
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