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Chest pain

Feeling of Chest Pain? Is it acidity or something else?

Chest pain is discomfort feeling in area below neck to upper abdomen. Chest area protects the major organs of the body. It also have some valuable blood vessels that are  important for our life. One of biggest myth about chest pain is that it is always due to heart attack but that’s not always true.  There are several reasons for chest pain that can be very serious or may be trivial. It is also considered that chest pain feeling is same for everybody but in reality it can be different for everyone. You may also feel pain in other areas of the body like in arms, jaw, upper back or feeling unwell.  HOW IT FEELS IN DIFFERENT GENDER: Women feel heart related chest pain during rest or sleep while Men tend to feel it during activity. Diabetic patients may not feel any pain before heart attack because of nerve damage. Symptoms Chest pain may feel like aching, burning, sharp, dull, stabbing, crushing or squeezing sensation [...]