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Does stress cause body pain? How to cope with it?

Mental stress is a condition in which person experience mood changes and feel confused, overwhelmed, unable to make decisions or out of control. Stress definitely show some physical signs and cause body pain. Physical signs of stress includes feeling low or having low energy, dry mouth, difficulty in swallowing, headache, general body pain , tightness in muscles and Stomach issues like constipation, diarrhea or nausea, etc. Management of Stress: Stress can be best managed by following these steps. Take Good Sleep Take good sleep and set time table for sleep pattern. Because Insufficient sleep causes tiredness and person cannot do his work properly. Continuous tiredness and unable to do work properly leads to stress. That’s why to feel fresh and energetic good sleep is necessary. Eat Healthy Diet Eat healthy diet and take meals on proper time. Some time deficiency of important nutrients in diet leads to changes in brain chemical activity. This causes mood problems and stress. One of its example is vitamin B12 [...]

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“HEALTH IS WEALTH” is a common phrase we have been through many times. Let’s discuss what health is and what are the components that it is composed of? What makes it good and what affects it? What life style we need to follow to make our health good? Health is a combination of mind, body and soul. Compromise of one component will affect the other. So for a good health all three must need to be in a balance state. A healthy mind leads to healthy body. Here are certain health tips for a balance life. Sound sleep Waking early in the morning Stay hydrated Eat healthy Avoid carbonated drinks Reduce weight Avoid smoking/alcohol Do exercises Sound Sleep: As Early to bed and early to rise is an old saying which signifies both the importance of sound sleep as well sleeping early at night to wake up in early hours in the morning. Researches prove that helps to control negativity, make person more productive, fresh and an active in his routine life. Total number of hours [...]