Exercise and Height

Does exercise increase height? Find the new ways.

The height and growth of human being depends upon different factors like hormone, nutrition, genes and environment. Exercising is one of the best ways to enhance the height rapidly and you can grow taller. Exercises on daily basis help you to strengthen your muscles of the body and also help to release the growth hormones which are responsible for the maximization of the height of a person. Most probably, the height may increase till the age of 21-25 years. Exercises: Jogging:  Jogging is the best exercise to increase your height, particularly when practice it during or soon after the teenage year. It helps to make your bones physically stronger. Swimming: Swimming is the strongest type of exercise which is one of the full body workouts in water. Breaststroke is the best swimming style to raise your height. Hanging: Hanging is the best way to increase your height and lengthen the bone. Some studies show that individuals who perform hanging can successfully extend their back [...]

Blood Pressure

Lower your BP with exercise and diet

High blood pressure means raised pressure exerted against the walls of arteries. With time, this pressure can be a reason for several problems i.e. It may damage the blood vessel causing heart disease, paralysis attack, kidney issues or other problems. High Blood pressure is silent killer The reason is that it may produce no symptoms for a long period of time and can be left untreated. Risk factors for High Blood Pressure Risk factors for high blood pressure like age, gender, race and family history are unmodifiable. Modifiable risk factors include life style, diet and exercise that can have great impact on lowering high blood pressure. Myths about High Blood pressure One of the myth about High Blood Pressure is that if it runs in family then it cannot be prevented. But in reality you can prevent it by making small changes in your life style. It is considered that if only table salt intake is reduced then blood pressure will remain controlled. Controlling sodium doesn’t mean just [...]


Feeling fatigue and tiredness! How to get rid off?

Do you feel like you’re tired most of the times? Is your life disturbed due to fatigue? Are you having problem in focusing? Does your routine make you more exhaustive? Are you having trouble staying awake? Most of the cases this fatigue and tiredness are linked with some flu, cold or viral diseases. It’s the time to see your doctor if you suffer from an ongoing fatigue and constant lack of energy. Having a look on the causes of tiredness might give us a long list which directly or indirectly can affect our body and moods and made us feel lethargic and exhaustive. Talking generally on the causes of fatigue it can be due to some psychological, physiological or physical factors. To rule out the exact cause we need to take proper history and examination of the person. FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH FATIGUE: Fatigue is associated with many health conditions like some mental disturbance, chronic pains, drug addiction, eating disorders, overweight or underweight, hormonal problems, [...]