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How to keep your child active and healthy?

Physical activity is very necessary for healthy growth and proper development of a child. Active lifestyle of children also has beneficial effects later in life. Active and healthy child can mange stress and develop well. Regular checkup of children from their Doctor is also necessary for proper development and  in early diagnosis of any problem if present. You can adopt following ways to keep your child active and healthy: Good sleep Make timetable for sleep pattern and ensure that your child take good sound sleep. Good sleep is necessary for proper mental growth and help child to be active and perform better. Good efficient sleep regulate metabolism, helps to recover from any illness and calm down emotions. So it is necessary for your child to take good sleep. Healthy Diet Provide your child fresh healthy diet. Encourage the use of natural diet that helps in child growth instead of giving them junk food. Give them school lunch with healthy food like homemade pizzas or fruits [...]