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Which therapy is better? Cold or Heat?

It is not appropriate to say one therapy is better than the other because both have their own uses and benefits. Mostly in some conditions we use cold therapy and in some conditions we use hot therapy but sometime both therapies are used at the same time depending upon the condition. Cold therapy: Ice or cold therapy is also called cryotherapy. It can help to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and bleeding anywhere in the body. How to apply cold therapy? Cold therapy is used in the forms of ice packs, cold sprays, ice massage, cold bath, Full body ice therapy chamber, cryostretching (using cold during stretching to reduce muscle spasm) cryokinetics (the combination of ice therapy and active exercise used for ligament sprain). Cold therapy should not be applied directly on the skin because it can damage the underlying tissues and skin. It is applied for 10 -15 min after injury or swelling as soon as possible. It should not be apply for more [...]