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What is obesity? Obesity is one of the leading problems of many countries, so person with BMI of 25 or above is considered as obese. High blood pressure, high cholesterol level and high glucose level in the blood leads to diseases and increased the mortality rate. Now, obesity is getting common among children. Common causes of obesity include: Physical Inactivity Eating habits Family History Junk food Over-eating Genetics Environmental Factors How to prevent obesity? Obesity may cause cardiovascular diseases. Let us consider some factors that can help you to reduce obesity and make you feel healthy. They may help you get rid of bulky body mass and makes you looks good and presentable. IMBALANCE BETWEEN ENERGY INTAKE AND CONSUMPTION Major cause of obesity is the imbalance between calories consumption and calories expended. Eating more than once need and not working out accordingly lead to more fat accumulation in body, so one must consume according to the need. PHYSICAL INACTIVITY Physical activity is one of the most essentials to maintain weight for longer duration. That is why, [...]

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Urinary incontinence is the outflow of urine due to weakness in the muscles that control urine and bladder. It occurs with coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising and lifting heavy weights. It may affect many functional activities of life. FACTS: Urinary incontinence may affect both males and females but mostly females suffer with the condition. Common factors that may involve urinary incontinence include Before and after pregnancy Obesity Old age patients Abnormal menopause Uterus surgery Urinary tract infection Constipation Any neurological disorders (e.g. stroke etc.) Prolonged use of chocolate, smoking ,coffee or tea. PREVENTION: Changing lifestyle Maintain body weight Exercising pelvic floor muscles Healthy diet Stop smoking Avoid cold drink, coffee, tea, chocolate, spicy food. EXERCISES: Some exercises can prevent urinary incontinence and other problems related to pelvic floor. Here is step by step guide to perform these exercises correctly. Kegal exercise: This exercise strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support other structures around it. Position: Lay straight on your bed, bend your both knee, control bladder part as if you are going to control urine. Frequency: 10 sec hold and then relax. Repeat 3 sets 10 [...]