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MRI ­­­ is used worldwide for spinal problem detection and underlying soft tissue problems which are not otherwise visible on a digital X-RAY. It has many benefits on other devices like CT SCAN and X-RAY that it doesn’t use ionizing radiations and a pain free process to got with. No doubt MRI is standard equipment, but it also has led to misleading spinal diagnosis. In many cases it shows a normal MRI of a symptomatic spine. Also there is a defective spine in MRI while the patient is perfectly alright. No doubt MRI is a miracle equipment to detect spinal and deep tissue problems which otherwise go unchecked but in many cases of low back pain the results of MRI are false. Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses strong magnetic waves along with radio waves to create an extensive image of the structures and organs within the body. An incorrect result will lead to wrong diagnosis and even false treatment of patient.  A false diagnosis also delayed [...]