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Stem Cell


Stem cell therapy is one of the more advanced medical treatments that is used for repair of diseased and dysfunctional tissue and is also known as regenerative medicine. These are body cells that divide to form daughter cells which later form similar stem cells or differentiate into specific cells like heart, brain or blood cells. There are two types of stem cells. One are the hematopoietic stem cells and the other are called as mesenchymal stem cells, also known as MSCs. These have the capacity to regenerate the bone, cartilage and fat. They have the ability to support cartilage. They work in four main ways i.e. decrease Scarring, boosting the immune system, controlling inflammation and stimulating regeneration Stem cells are used for different purposes: To check the effectiveness of a medicine: Researchers use stem cells to check the quality and effectiveness of a medicine along with the safety to use it on humans. To replace the damaged cells: Stem cells are used to replace [...]