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Blood Pressure

Lower your BP with exercise and diet

High blood pressure means raised pressure exerted against the walls of arteries. With time, this pressure can be a reason for several problems i.e. It may damage the blood vessel causing heart disease, paralysis attack, kidney issues or other problems. High Blood pressure is silent killer The reason is that it may produce no symptoms for a long period of time and can be left untreated. Risk factors for High Blood Pressure Risk factors for high blood pressure like age, gender, race and family history are unmodifiable. Modifiable risk factors include life style, diet and exercise that can have great impact on lowering high blood pressure. Myths about High Blood pressure One of the myth about High Blood Pressure is that if it runs in family then it cannot be prevented. But in reality you can prevent it by making small changes in your life style. It is considered that if only table salt intake is reduced then blood pressure will remain controlled. Controlling sodium doesn’t mean just [...]