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Mental stress is a condition in which person experience mood changes and feel confused, overwhelmed, unable to make decisions or out of control. Stress definitely show some physical signs and cause body pain. Physical signs of stress includes feeling low or having low energy, dry mouth, difficulty in swallowing, headache, general body pain , tightness in muscles and Stomach issues like constipation, diarrhea or nausea, etc.

Management of Stress:

Stress can be best managed by following these steps.

Take Good Sleep

Take good sleep and set time table for sleep pattern. Because Insufficient sleep causes tiredness and person cannot do his work properly. Continuous tiredness and unable to do work properly leads to stress. That’s why to feel fresh and energetic good sleep is necessary.

Eat Healthy Diet

Eat healthy diet and take meals on proper time. Some time deficiency of important nutrients in diet leads to changes in brain chemical activity. This causes mood problems and stress. One of its example is vitamin B12 deficiency and depression. Therefore eating proper healthy diet is necessary  to reduce stress.

Be optimistic

Our thoughts have great impact on our body and attitude. Negative thinking causes hormonal imbalance, problems in immune system and reduction in brain chemicals that required for happiness. While on the other hand positive thinking causes the release of those chemicals that make us feel happy and stay calm.

Exercise regularly

Exercise have great affects on mood and decrease stress. It causes the release of those chemicals that act as pain killers. Exercise make us less anxious and help us to stay focused. It makes us happy and more energized. Exercise help person to sleep comfortably and it also improves persons self esteem.

Practice stress reducing relaxation techniques

Yoga and meditation can also makes person relax and help to stay calm. Controlled breathing, specific poses, imagery, stretching and physical movements help in reducing stress.

Set priorities and Make time table

Making time table for your daily activities keeps you motivated and gives you proper direction. It eases your anxiousness and makes you an organized person. Accomplishment of set targets gives you happiness and reduce stress. There for set daily short targets that can be easily achieved without stress. Make time table that looks realistic not idealistic.

Learn to say No

Those requests that can cause unnecessary burden and make you stressful must be refused without feeling any guilt. If you take extra responsibility it will only increases your stress. You are not obliged to please everyone. Pleasing everyone is not a healthy attitude. So be confident and don’t feel ashamed to say no.

Rest properly

Daily wear and tear during activities makes you stressful. So proper rest is necessary to recover the body from stress because of busy hectic life style.

Spend time with your Loved ones

Spending time with your family ,friends or people you are comfortable with really helps to decrease stress. It gives you happiness and positive vibes.

Plan for Outings and trips

Taking breaks from your busy life style and change in your routine is very helpful in reducing stress. It refreshes you and makes you energetic to do your work again with enthusiasm.

Share your problem with someone treatable

Talking and sharing about your problems also helps in decreasing stress. But you must be careful about sharing. The person to whom you want to share with must be your well wisher and treatable. Otherwise sharing problem can cause  further problem and stress.

Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol etc

In stressful condition if you start smoking, drinking or using other substances, it will cause more damage to your mind and body. Temporarily you may feel good but eventually it will damage your health.

Seek professional help

If you fail to manage stress by yourself, Than taking professional help from psychologist is the best option.

This  article is for information purpose only. If you want any help regarding your mental health than feel free to ask our professionals.

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