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Rehabcure has state-of-the-art assessment and treatment rooms for patients of all ages. There are triage room, fitness training area, gait training area, occupational therapy room, paeds room, cross training area and long waiting area.

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Physiotherapy, Nutrition and speech therapy

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Al Razi Healthcare
2-C ll, M.M. Alam Road
Gulberg III, Lahore

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Hello; Thanks for your time and Welcome to REHABCURE.Health is the most important facet of our lives as it brings happiness and activity to life. Our main aim is to bring health-back to the people who have pain, difficulties in moving body parts, issues related to nutrition or speech.REHABCURE is one of the few centers of Lahore who work for the human body as a whole, finding the root cause of the problem. Our Physiotherapy expertise are our feeling skills in which our doctors assess the body problems through their sense of touch with no pain at all. Our fitness training programs are facilitated by fitness and nutritionist experts. Speech therapy services include one-to-one training sessions in which the consultant guides you in a very caring way.We believe in short term measurable goals rather than no-goal dilemma, involving patients or their guardians in treatment planning. I wish if we could be a helping hand for you or your loved ones.

DR. Waseem Javaid

Consultant Physical Therapist

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Our Expertise

RehabCure has the best faculty for the patients of  Physiotherapy and Food and Nutrition.

Physiotherapists in Lahore

Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who treat joints, muscles and nerve pain…..

Nutrition Therapy or Nutritionist in Lahore

Nutrition is a science as it uses the rudiments of principles of nutrition and it ….

Speech Pathologists In Lahore

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech,

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Why People Trust Us

Internationally Qualified Faculty

Therapists from REHABCURE have studied from world renowned Physiotherapists i.e. Brian Mulligan, Antonio Stecco, Steven De Coninck, Joane De Enslin and NG Chong Ching.

State-of-the-Art clinic

Rehabcure has state-of-the-art assessment and treatment rooms for patients of all ages. There are triage room, fitness training area, gait training area, occupational therapy room, paeds room, cross training area and long waiting area.

Early Recovery

Patients who get treatment from REHABCURE experts have the benefit of early recovery and cost effective solution. Usually, it takes a day or two to get maximum recovery.

Patient Discussion Sessions

Team of REHABCURE discuss the patient problems, treatment solutions, short and long term goals and follow up discussions with patient/attendents. This catalyzes the patient’s recovery for early outcomes.

RehabCure Expert Team


DR. Waseem Javaid

Consultant Physical Therapist

DR. Nida Waseem

Consultant Nutritionist


Consultant Speech Language Pathologist

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What People Say About Us

Dr. Waseem Javaid has the understanding of the patient. He understands his patients in depth. He never forgets what his patient has gone through. The best part of Dr. Waseem is his availability for his patients. He used to remember every problem of mine and what treatment I’m going through. For me he is perfect. If I stop taking the consultation of Dr. Waseem I fall ill again. I highly recommend Dr. Waseem Javaid.
Shahzad Ali
I have been visiting Dr. Waseem Javaid for last 2 years. He is very experienced, qualified and a trusted doctor. My arm is freeze due to diabetes problem, he did my arm therapy. After therapy treatment, I can move my arm without any pain. He is a hardworking and a competent doctor. He can easily find out the root cause of diseases. I am satisfied with him and also recommend it to others.
Kabir Haider
My son’s foot drop can not lift the foot and can not move it for the last 2 years. I consulted so many doctors in Lahore but did not get any recovery but after consulting with Dr. Waseem Javaid my son is 80% best. He has done a lot of fighting with my son’s recovery. May Allah give you so many rewards and you will be more successful in your field. I highly recommend him to my companions.
Muzafar Niazi
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