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Fitness Training: Fitness Trainer in Lahore

A fit person is the one who improve or maintain health both physically and mentally with exercise.

Fitness training includes aerobic training (endurance training) for improving body capacity to work, strength training for increased muscle bulk, balance training for coordination and balance, flexibility, and stretches.

Fitness in different ages:

In children and early adolescence (age 1 to 18 years), fitness is more directed towards the playing activities and endurance training rather than strength. In adults (age between 19 to 40 years) fitness should be improved with strength training. However, in age above 40 years, only endurance training should be the part of daily exercise with 20 to 25 mins of walk daily.

Fitness assessment:

Fitness assessment is the measurement of joint movement with muscle strength, muscle mass, body capacity to do repetitive exercises, tightness and flexibility measurement in the muscles, fascia (layer above the muscles) and other soft tissues.

How REHABCURE helps you for your fitness:

After detailed assessment and measuring imbalance between the muscular strength in the body, a Physiotherapist will design a well-rounded fitness training program for the patients to improve balance in the body.

What is the time period to improve fitness:

At least three weeks are required to improve body fitness with fitness training.

Consultation with professionals

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Fitness Trainer in Lahore:

Unlock Your Fitness Potential with RehabCure, Your Premier Fitness Trainer in Lahore. Our expert trainers are committed to sculpting the best version of you. Ready to transform your fitness journey? Join us today!

What conditions can be treated with fitness training:

  • Weight management
  • Core training
  • Muscular imbalance in the body
  • Postural abnormalities
  • Strength training
  • Balance training
  • Tightness in body structures
Best Fitness Trainer in Lahore: WE’RE HERE TO HELP

Experience Excellence with the best fitness trainer in Lahore at RehabCure, Our expert trainers are dedicated to guiding you towards your fitness goals with personalized programs and support. Join us for a transformative fitness journey.

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