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Running and Sports Injuries Treatment in Lahore

Sports Injuries Treatment in Lahore

Sports injuries are quite common during outdoor activities among players and athletes. The range of injuries is from skin abrasions to muscular ruptures, fractures, concussions, and head injuries. The knee, back, shoulder, ankle, and neck are common areas that are prone to injuries during playing activities.

Why you should need to come to Sports Physical therapy:

Sports physical therapists rehabilitate the players who have persistent or recurrent physical injuries. They diagnose problems and assess patient progress during a treatment plan.

You have to go to the best physiotherapist in Lahore for injury screening and assessment. After the screening, the Physical therapist will give you the advice based on your needs and design a treatment plan for your betterment and recovery.

Common problems seen in injured athletes:

  • Decreased Range of motion
  • Reduced Strength
  • Body Imbalance
  • Weak Proprioception (sense of feelings in the joints), or awareness of playing postures (way to play), movement, and change in the equilibrium of the bod
  • Neuromuscular incoordination
  • Swelling and discoloration.

Consultation with professionals

What REHABCURE can do for you:

  • Decrease your pain & improve joint range of motion using manual techniques, modalities, heat, or cold.
  • Increase strength, agility, quickness, reaction time, speed, proprioception, and eventually sport-specific performance to a functional level for returning to practice and competition
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