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Qualification & Experience of
Rehabcure Team

Dr.Waseem Javaid

Dr. Waseem Javaid graduated in Physiotherapy with Gold Medal from KEMU (Mayo Hospital) Lahore Pakistan. He became an internationally certified Manual Therapist (in pain management) with certifications in Mulligan Manual Therapy from Mulligan Concepts, New Zealand, Osteopathy of cervicocranium and lumbopelvic complex from Manual Circle Singapore, Visceral Manipulation of abdomen and pelvis from The Barral Institute France, Chiropractic treatment & Orthopedic Manual Medicine of the Spine from UK, and Fascial Manipulation from Read More

Consultation with professionals

Dr. Muhammad Nasir


Area of focus
Manual therapy, exercises, spinal manipulation, eschemic release and osteopathy.
Dr. Muhammad Nasir, PT is graduated of university of Lahore. During graduation he did internship at PSRD and AO orthopaedic and physiotherapy clinic. He started practicing as a physical therapist after his graduation. He did his MSPT in neurology from the same institute. He did different training in multiple disciplines to improve his skills and patients’ care like ridge sport tapping, western medical acupuncture, chest physiotherapy, introduction to fascial manipulation, Read More

Dr. Khizer Mahmood PT

Masters in Neurophysical therapy (MSNPT)*,DPT

Certified Chiropractor(UK),Certified spinal manipulation techniques (UK),Manual therapy,Soft tissue mobilization,Orthopedic assessment,Neurological assessment,Western medical accupuncture and
Pre and post surgical rehabilitation.

Dr.Omair Rasool PT

MS Rehabilitation Sciences*,DPT

Clinical Assessment, Manual Therapy,Soft tissue mobilization, Post Surgical Rehabilitation,Body adjustment,Pain management, Neurological Rehabilitation, Western Medical Acupuncture, Electrotherapy and Evidence Based Practice

Dr.M. Hasnain Asghar


Dr. Muhammad Hasnain Asghar is a physiotherapist with three years of experience specializing in musculoskeletal injuries and sports injuries.
In his practice, Dr. Muhammad Hasnain Asghar would likely conduct thorough assessments to diagnose and develop appropriate treatment plans for patients dealing with musculoskeletal injuries, such as strains, sprains, fractures, and other related conditions. He may use a combination of manual therapy techniques, exercises, and other modalities to help patients manage pain, improve mobility, and restore function.Read More

Dr Wardah Waqar

Masters in Paediatric Physical Therapy Riphah International University *(RIU) ,DPT Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS)

Solid understanding of genetic neurological and orthopedic disorders and related motor skills problems in affected children,Experienced with helping children who have experienced injuries,Good verbal written and interpersonal communication skills,Works well with children and families,Strong assessment evaluation and planning abilities, Understanding of the particularized physical therapy needs of children,Follows patient confidentiality rules,Read More

Consultation with professionals

Dr Adeela iIqbal

I’m working as consultant physiotherapist at rehab cure
Specialized in pediatrics physical therapy.
I have previous experience in supporting a variety of patients ranging from children suffering from development problems to adults and geriatric population affected by and recovering from injuries movement and musculoskeletal problems. I enjoy working with variety of different people
I can assess and treat patient by improving Read More

Dr Tahreen Khalid

Pediatric Physiotherapist,DPT

Experienced in dealing special children who are developmentally delayed or diagnosed cerebral palsy,Skilled in DMI approach,Skilled in CME approach,Experienced with helping children who have experienced injuries,Good verbal written and interpersonal communication skills,Works well with children and families,Strong assessment and planning abilities,Understanding of the particularized physical therapy needs of children,Passionate about helping children,Works well as part of the pediatric medical care team

Dr Aamir Ali

Clinical assessment, Manual Therapy Techniques,joint mobilization, Soft tissue Mobilization
pre and post-Operative Surgical Counseling, postural Guidance, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Neuro Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Ergonomics Guidance, sports-related Rehabilitation

Dr.Talala Usman

I am a practicing Clinical psychologist, having 5.5 years experience in my field. My expertise with autism spectrum disorder(ASD), Attention deficit and hyperactive disorder, down syndrome, developmental delay, intellectual disability, CEREBAL palsy, anger issues, learning difficulties, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence, stress issues, family conflicts, and relationship.Dealing with both adults and children with therapeutic intervention (without medicine)

I have completed my MS in clinical psychology from Riphah International University.

Dr.Abdul Rehman

Occupational Therapist from the University of Lahore

Vast experience in working with neurological disorders like CP, Down Syndrome, and Milestones delayed. Make Assessment reports and make an Intervention plan. Experience working with special needs children like ASD, and ADHD. Good verbal communication with parents. Working as a pediatric Occupational therapist can deal with three major domain’s.-Make patients independent in their Activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living.Read More

Dr.Abeeha Fatima Mansoor

2 years experience Consultant speech and language pathologist
Bs slp, MS Slp* and CHPE