Rehabcure – Best Rehabilitation Center in Lahore

Consultant of RehabCure

Hello; Thanks for your time and Welcome to REHABCURE. Health is the most important facet of our lives as it brings happiness and activity to life. Our main aim is to bring health-back to the people who have pain, difficulties in moving body parts, issues related to nutrition, speech, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, sports injuries and neuro-physiotherapy REHABCURE is one of the few centers of Lahore who work for the human body as a whole, finding the root cause of the problem. Our Physiotherapy expertise are our feeling skills in which our doctors assess the body problems through their sense of touch with no pain at all. Our fitness training programs are facilitated by fitness and nutritionist experts. Speech therapy services include one-to-one training sessions in which the consultant guides you in a very caring way.We believe in short term measurable goals rather than no-goal dilemma, involving patients or their guardians in treatment planning. I wish if we could be a helping hand for you or your loved ones.

DR. Waseem Javaid

Consultant Physical Therapist