Spinal problem Treatment in Lahore Pakistan

Spine Problem Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan:
Spinal Problem Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan:
Spine problems Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis: Spinal problems are usually associated with bad posture or overuse of the body. These problems can lead to severe pain in the spine, arms, legs and eventually degeneration.

causes of Spinal problems are:

Muscular strains

Ligamentous sprains

Stiff spinal joints

Sudden injury

Overuse injuries

Degenerative disc disease

Cervical herniated disc

Neck and back stenosis

Spinal arthritis

Some treatment options of Spinal Problems:

Best Physiotherapists In Lahore can provide pain management, education, abnormal- to-normal joint movement and develop a rehabilitation program aimed at joint-specific exercises, physical fitness programs, and recommendations for assistive devices.

Manual therapy




Physiotherapy Modalities

Posture therapy

Kinesio and rigid taping

Rehabilitation exercises


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  • Balance issues
  • poor posture
  • Loss of sensation in foot
  • Hand coordination difficulty
  • Headaches
  • Bulging of disc due to trauma etc.
  • Spinal stenosis
  • disc rupture
  • muscle strain due to heavy weight lifting
  • stress fracture
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