Post Fracture Rehabilitation In Lahore

Post Fracture Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan:
There are different types of fractures i.e. simple, complex, displaced and un-displaced. The management of these fractures start with fixation either by non-surgically (casting) or by surgical procedures (plating, screwing, nailing, implants etc) followed by rehabilitation training plan. It means every patients should undergo a complete rehabilitation exercise program just after the fracture fixation by the competent physiotherapist.

It was believed in the past that after the musculoskeletal surgery, some or few exercises can recover the patients completely without following the complete rehabilitation plan. The adverse effect was lack of complete recovery, stiff joints, weak muscles, future risks of re-fracture or severe pain. Now, in the present era, it is advisable by the competent orthopedic surgeons to must follow a complete rehabilitation plan by physiotherapist for best outcomes of surgery and early functional recovery.

The rehabilitation plan will be usually divided into 3 phases.

Maximum protection phase

Goals: Decrease; pain, swelling, chance of infection, muscle weakness. Maintain; mobility, strength, safe positioning, nervous & vessels status. Prevent; Thrombus formation, pneumonia

Moderate protection/ controlled motion phase

Goals: To gradually restore; soft tissue integrity and joint mobility to sub-maximal level. Increase; muscle strength for joint stability.

Minimum protection phase /functional phase

Goals: Restore; maximal joint mobility, muscle strength, balance, coordination. Prevent; re-injury, post-operative complications


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