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For the calorie reduction in Weight Management, the Regular Diet is adapted by reducing energy intake below the calories required for maintenance of body weight.

Maintain the intake of essential protein,vitamins and minerals, limit the intake of fat and sugar in the diet and exchange low-energy foods with the foods of similar nutrient content but higher in energy. weight maintenance therapy should be based on a complete weight management program including diet, physical activity, and behavior therapy.

In overweight and obese persons, weight loss is recommended to (1‐7):
 hypertensive patients
 patients with high cholesterol levels
 patients with type 2 diabetes
 prevent liver disease
Fat is lost when the body is in a state of negative energy balance, which is achieved by reduced energy intake, increased energy output (through muscle work), or both. The reduction of total energy intake vs
the macronutrient composition of the diet is the most important component for achieving negative energy balance and subsequent weight loss.


Weight reduction is not recommended for the following groups:
 pregnant women (Energy restriction during pregnancy that is sufficient to produce weight loss
can be
 dangerous for the development of the fetus.)
 patients with unstable mental or medical conditions, unless medically supervised
 patients with anorexia nervosa or a history of this disorder, unless medically supervised
 terminally ill patients

How to Order the Diet?

The physician may specify any of the following:
 “Weight Reduction Diet”: The dietitian determines an appropriate weight loss goal and energy
 “____ kcal Diet”: The dietitian plans an individualized meal plan within the energy prescription.
 Restriction of sodium, fat, cholesterol or another dietary component: If a restriction is required, it
 be prescribed along with the diet order.
Successful weight reduction requires a commitment to behavioral change, family support, and attention to physical activity patterns. Behavioral therapy should use multiple strategies including self-monitoring,
stress management, stimulus control, problem solving, contingency management, cognitive restructuring, and social support. Moderate physical activity promotes the maintenance of lean body mass, contributes to the energy deficit needed for weight loss, and may help with the maintenance of weight loss. Physical activity should be assessed with individualized long‐term goals established to
accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate‐intensity physical activity on most, and preferably all, days  of the week, unless medically contraindicated.


A body weight 15 – 20% below the accepted standards of weight; a BMI less than 18.5.

Management of Underweight

 Increased energy intake. Addition of 500 – 1000 kcal to the actual kcal requirement.
 Appropriate Nutrient supplementation dyspnea
 Increase portion size (explain techniques)
 Focus on eating 6 meals a day and the snacks should contain calorie dense foods
 Lifestyle modification and exercise.

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