Tennis & Golfer's Elbow (PAIN IN ELBOW) Treatment In Lahore, Pakistan

Tennis Elbow Treatment In Lahore, Pakistan:
Golfer’s Elbow Treatment In Lahore, Pakistan:
Pain In Elbow Treatment In Lahore, Pakistan:
These are the term used most commonly by the doctors while diagnosing pain around the elbow either on its inner or outer side. The pain usually goes down the wrist and hand, restricting the activities of the patients.

Tennis and golfer’s elbow are not only common among players but among the common population. They should be treated on time otherwise chronicity leads to delayed recovery, painful points in muscle & bone, weak muscles and restricted movement of the joint.

Causes of Tennis & Golfer Elbow Pain:

Overuse of muscle of elbow

Forceful and repetitive movements of forearm and wrist

Any injury to the elbow

Functional activities that cause pain

Activities that cause tennis or golfer’s elbow include repetitive gripping, painting, hammering, driving, playing excessive tennis and badminton.

Some treatment options:



Rehabilitation exercises

Physiotherapy electrotherapeutic modalities

Manual therapy


Ice therapy

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