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Learning Disabilities Treatment

Learning Disabilities Treatment

Learning Disabilities Treatment:

Learning Disabilities/Learning disorder are a group of neuro-developmental disorders that can significantly hamper a person’s ability to learn new things. As a result, the person may have trouble with tasks such as speaking, reading, writing, paying attention, understanding information, remembering things, performing mathematical calculations, or coordinating movements.


  1. Dyscalculia
  2. Dysgraphia
  3. Dyslexia
  4. Dyspraxia
  5. Executive Functioning
  6. Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities
  7. Oral / Written Language Disorder and Specific Reading Comprehension Deficit

Symptoms of Learning Disabilities:

These are some of the symptoms of learning disabilities:
• Poor memory
• Difficulty focusing
• Short attention span
• Difficulty with reading or writing
• Inability to distinguish between sounds, letters, or numbers
• Difficulty sounding out words
• Tendency to put numbers or letters in the wrong sequence
• Difficulty telling time
• Confusion between right and left
• Tendency to reverse letters
• Difficulty grasping certain words and concepts
• Disconnect between words and meaning (i.e.. saying one thing but meaning another)
• Difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions
• Poor hand-eye coordination
• Delayed speech development
• Disorganization
• Trouble with listening and following instructions
• Inappropriate responses
• Restlessness and impulsiveness
• Tendency to act out
• Difficulty with discipline
• Resistance to change
• Inconsistent performance on a daily or weekly basis
Stigma of learning disabilities
Signs of this stigma emerge in both explicit and implicit ways: About half of the general public and parents agree that learning disabilities are often just laziness. A majority of the general public and parents believe that learning disabilities are often a product of the home environment children are raised in.
Causes of Learning Disabilities
Learning disabilities are caused by differences in the neurological functioning of the person’s brain. These differences can occur before the person is born, during their birth, or in early childhood, and may be caused by factors such as:
• Maternal illness during pregnancy
• Birth complications that block the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain
• Certain genes that can make the person more genetically predisposed to developing a learning disability
• Injury or illness, such as meningitis, in early childhood
• Health conditions such as cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome often involve some extent of learning disability

However, it’s important to note that learning disabilities should not be mistaken for learning problems that arise due to other factors such as:
• Visual, hearing, verbal, or motor handicaps
• Intellectual disability
• Emotional disturbances
• Economic, cultural, or environmental disadvantages
Treating Learning Disabilities
Treatment for learning disabilities may involve.
. Medication: Some people may need to take medication to improve their ability to focus and concentrate.

Therapy & Special Education:

Psychotherapy can help people with learning disabilities deal with emotional issues and develop coping skills. Children with learning disabilities may benefit from education by specially trained teachers who perform a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s abilities and then help the child build on their strengths while compensating for their disabilities.
Support groups: People with learning disabilities as well as parents of children with learning disabilities may benefit from support group meetings that help them connect with others who have similar experiences. Learning difficulties can often lead to tension, misunderstandings, and conflicts among the family, particularly among families where the condition is hereditary.
Speech Therapy:

It will help to improves ability to talk and use other language skills. It helps you express your thoughts and understand what other people are saying to you. It can also improve skills like your memory and ability to solve problems.

Why is psychological treatment important?
Psychologist work on the Childs basic cognitive skills, educational skills, behavior problems, and emotional problems.
The overall goal is to better understand how individuals learn and how to improve educational outcomes for Childs of all ages. Therapy can promote one’s self-esteem, relationships, and outlook on life. Therapists can give people a better understanding of their own emotions and teach communication skills to convey those emotions.

Learning Disabilities Treatment in Lahore:

RehabCure is a leading provider of learning disabilities treatment in Lahore. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help children and adults with learning disabilities reach their full potential. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing individualized care that meets the specific needs of each client.

If you think your child or you may have a learning disability, please Contact RehabCure today. We can help you assess your needs and develop a treatment plan that will help you reach your full potential.

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