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paeds sensory therapy center in Lahore

Paeds Sensory Therapy Center in Lahore Pakistan

Paeds Sensory Therapy Center in Pakistan


What is Sensory Integration?

Paeds with poor balance & coordination, poor posture, and stiff movements require Sensory Integration Therapy. Sensory Integration is the term used to describe processes in the brain that permits us to take the information we receive from our senses, (i.e vision, smell, taste, hear and touch), then how our body responds to that information and can we act properly or not in response to that particular stimulus/information?

This whole system represents our Sensory Communication through which we can perform functions, understand the things around and can act accordingly.
Paeds with sensory defect needs to improve their senses under the supervision of a Physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist as the situation presents. RehabCure is the best paeds sensory therapy center in Pakistan.


Paeds Sensory Therapy Center in Lahore


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How to Test child’s Senses:
The children screening for senses and fine motor response is beneficial for the early diagnosis. In the first twelve months, baby development shows sensory advancement, as all senses develop speedily in this time period. That’s the reason for the importance of screening of first-year developmental changes. Here we listed sensory development milestones of up to 12 months of baby:

Vision Milestones:
• New born, eye coordination will begin to improve.
• 4-5 Months, your baby’s eye rods and cones almost developed, allowing them to see things in color.
• 6-8 Months, Eye-hand coordination improves.
• 9-12 Months, Ability to sense distances improved.
Hearing Milestones:
• New born, able to hear your voice but can’t respond.
• 3-4 Months, will start mimicking the sound they hear around.
• 6-8 Months, able to identify the direction of sound.
• 12 Months, able to understand your voice and show reaction.
Touch Milestones:
• 0-3 Months, fully developed and can feel skin-to-skin contact.
• 3-6 Months, able to use both hands together.
• 6-9 Months, begins grabbing and show eye-hand coordination.
• 9-12 Months, starts crawling and play.
Smell Milestones:
• 0-3 Months, fully developed, will show attraction towards breast milk.
• 3-6 Months, interested in smells of food.
• 6-9 Months, like or unlike new food.
• 9-12 Months, can react accordingly with their preferences.
Taste Milestones:
• 0-3 Months, likes sweet, attracted towards breastmilk.
• 3-6 Months, shows face reactions on taste.
• 6-12 Months, feel and enjoy taste variety.

Gross Motor Development:
Sensory Milestones can be noticed by the caretaker by seeing the above responses of the baby & screening of senses completed upto 12-18 months generally. In contrast, the Gross Motor Development linked with the sensory integration therapy. The fine motor movements, actions, behavior, balance, and coordination are the factors to be checked under motor development. So, the peads motor developmental milestones should also be noticed time to time.

Therapy for Sensory Integration:
Therapy sessions for children with Sensory Processing Disorder show effective development and understanding of different oriented scenarios created by the occupational therapist and other health professionals. A child’s sensory deficits can be overcome by forming standardized measures commonly used by therapists through child Sensory Profiles.

Note: The information provided above is just to let you know the basic knowledge. Not valid for legislation.

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Writer: Dr. Aasim Manzoor, DPT

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