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6 Pack Abs Workout at Home for Men

6 Pack Abs Workout at Home for Men

Abs Workout at Home for Men:

Performing the right exercises is crucial to developing a stronger, more defined core. By that, we mean exercises that require you to step outside from of your comfort zone and target your abs from all sides, ensuring that you achieve the full half-dozen instead of just a two- or four-pack. You don’t need a ton of equipment for this workout, like with all the abs workout at home for men, but some of the moves do require a set of dumbbells. In our opinion, hexagonal dumbbells are the best type of dumbbell to purchase if this is the motivation you need to do so. They offer a stable base for the weighted T-raise exercise in this circuit.

This workout consists of five moves, which you will complete in a circuit in the numbers 1 through 5, adhering to the repetitions and rest guidelines provided. After finishing all of the repetitions for movement 5, take a three-minute break before repeating the circuit. Total up to four circuits. Engage your entire core before the first repetition of each set to ensure that the muscles are firing fully from the start to the finish of each circuit, which will help you work your abs harder and more effectively.

How to get Abs from Home?

  1. V-Sit:
    The target is core muscles.
    Reps = 10, Rest = 10
    Your feet should be off the ground as you lay with your fingers by your temples. As you lift your torso so that your elbows pass your knees, bring your knees in close to your chest. Before beginning the next rep, bring your feet and upper back as close to the floor as possible without letting them touch.
  2. Straight Leg Raise:
    The target is lower abs.
    Reps = 10, Rest = 10
    On your back, place your hands at your sides or by your head. Raise your feet as high as you can while keeping your legs straight while keeping your feet together. As you slowly return to the starting position, keep your lower abs contracted.
  3. Weighted Crunch Reach:
    The target is upper abs.
    Reps = 10, Rest = 10
    Hold a dumbbell above your chest with both hands while lying flat on your back with your knees bent. Crunch up, pause when you reach the top of the movement, then lower yourself back to the beginning.
  4. Weighted T-raise:
    The target is core muscles.
    Reps: 10 per side, rest: 10 sec
    Start by pressing yourself up and holding a dumbbell in each hand. Lift a weight while maintaining a tight core and turn your torso to face upward. The weight should be followed by your head. Reverse the motion to the beginning. With each rep, switch which arm you are lifting.
  5. Mountain Climber:
    The target is core muscles.
    Reps: 25 Rest: 3
    Start by performing a press-up. Draw one knee up and cross it over your body to the opposite elbow without letting your hips sag. Repeat with your other leg, then go back to the beginning. A rep is one. Keep your reps controlled, but fast.

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