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Generalized Body Ache

Major Causes of Generalized Body Ache

Body Ache:

Any segment of the body is either hurt or if there is any kind of pain in the respective segment
of the body, it is referred to as a body ache. The pain may be strong enough to hurt the body.
Generalized Body Ache:
It is very common among people and has a variety of causes. The causes and symptoms of this
type of pain can be identified simply and with ease.
Major Causes Of Body Ache:
The major causes of body ache are enlisted below,
• Stress
• Dehydration
• Lack of sleep
• Cold and flu


When the body is in stress it weakens the immune system and also causes tension to the body. As
the stress factor decreases the intensity or perception of the pain also decreases. Therefore, it can lead
towards the symptoms of conditions like “arthritis”. By the increase of stress level, the muscle may feel
tightened, stiffed or there may be many trigger points that can further elevate the pain level.


For the proper working and functioning of the body, it is very important to maintain its fluid levels
of. The major symptoms of dehydration include soreness, fatigue, and muscle cramping which is the sign
of alertness to the body that the water level in it is reducing.
As we know the phenomenon of dehydration the fluid is pulled out from the tissues so it may
cause body ache as the function of the tissue is disturbs due to weakness and maybe tired earlier. So,
it is a must to ensure that the quantity of fluid intake is increased.


It is often heard that a man should sleep normally for 6-8 hours. If a person is not sleeping properly
he may also feel body aches.

As it is known that the alleviating processes are vigorous during sleep and the aptness of the body
to repair the tissue and cells of the body. If the process is not occurred in the body the person may
experience body aches. Lack of sleep may also cause tiredness, fatigue, and a constant headache.
In the patient of insomnia the pain becomes chronic that is the reason they are more sluggish, and
are more prone to muscle spasms and fatigue which automatically causes an irritating sensation i.e. pain.


It is actually the inflammation of the joints. It can be due to the depletion of the body or due to
autoimmune disorders which strike the healthier tissues that align the joints.
As we know that, Rheumatoid arthritis has had symptoms all over the body so a level of pain
and fatigue is felt.


A number of autoimmune disorders are a cause of body aches. Some of the conditions are Lupus,
myositis, vasculitis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Inflammation of the body is caused when the immune system of the body strikes the healthier tissues
of a person. Any part of the body can be affected by this disease.
To avoid the fatigue and aches from the body you can do different exercises for example
swimming, walking, or low-intensity aerobic exercises.

Myositis is basically the inflammation of muscle. It majorly affects the muscles that surround the
hip, shoulder, or thigh region of the body. It causes weakness and pain throughout the whole body.

A condition that affects the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM is known as multiple sclerosis. The tissue
that surrounds the nerve cells is damaged as a result the person may feel body aches. Majorly it is caused
due to lack of balance, spastic muscles, and immobility of tendon, ligament, or muscle of the body.


To decrease the pain the person can also,
1. Dehydration is one of the causes of pain, so to avoid aches one must get dehydrated. Make
sure that you are drinking eight to twelve glasses of water a day.
2. Have low-intensity exercises daily to avoid stiffness.
3. Your daily food intake also has a huge impact on aches.

4. Take painkillers.
!! stretches, low-intensity massage, acupuncture techniques, posture awareness, correct exercises
can be done to avoid pain as well.


• Add protein-rich foods to your diet like eggs, meat, fish, cottage cheese and soya, etc.
• Eat a lot of colored vegetables and fruits for example apple, broccoli, red/ yellow peppers
• Eat a limited amount of carbs. Try to eat brown rice.
• Add vitamin C sources in your diet for example orange, lemon juice, etc.
• To prevent muscle fatigue eat an omega fatty diet which majorly includes nuts i.e. walnuts,
almonds etc.

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