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stomach gas

Stomach Gas Treatment at Home | RehabCure

The accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract is called bloating which is stomach gas

vIt mostly assembled in the large intestine i.e. colon

vMostly it occurs when we take carbohydrates then the friendly bacteria that present in our body break these compounds with the help of certain enzymes and this process is called fermentation

vGas is also released in this process

vThen this gas will accumulate in the stomach mostly

vThis gas will be methane or carbon dioxide (CO2)

Excessive Gas Causes:

The causes which are very common for stomach gas are:

·Poor diet

·Irregular sleep pattern


·Sedentary lifestyle


·People whose life patterns disturbed

·No proper physical activity

·Sometimes with the intake of certain medications for a long time

·Sometimes some healthy food also convict bloating which comprise;

i)Chop suey green vegetables i.e. cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc





vi)Some fruits like apple, peach, pears, etc

·Carbonating drinks



·White flour

·Junk food i.e. pasta, etc


Stomach Gas Symptoms:

§Abdomen area gone swollen

§It feels tightened and hard


§Abdominal pain


§Breathing problems

Stomach Gas Treatment at Home:

üTake some lukewarm water with eucalyptus oil. It will help to release gas from the stomach

üTake some carom seed powder i.e. AJWAIN powder that is really effective for bloating

üSoak fennel seeds i.e. SAUNF overnight in water and then drink this water in the early morning or anytime in the day or before sleeping. It will help in digestion and keep your stomach clean and healthy.

üUse ginger, lemon, and yogurt in your diet. It also reduces bloating

üChamomile tea and cinnamon tea are also beneficial for reducing or removal of stomach gas

üAlso people should have to notice which food is suitable for them or which food trouble them and cause gas problems and they should avoid it. It really helps them

üDifferent people have different food issues some have a gas problem from taking cucumber but most people have not

üWe should stop overnight consuming food

üStop overeating and taking greasy food

üThis type of food is unhealthy and causes severe problems also

üEat slowly and chew properly. This will not help you in proper digestion but also absorb nutrients and when we talk during eating then not only air involve with it but also the digestion not occur properly

üMake fluid intake proper and avoid spicy food and more intake of salt and sugars

üDo physical activity more like walk this not only keeps you healthy and fine but also reduces bloating or stomach gas

üAvoid artificial sweeteners

üDododon’t take caffeine after food instantly

üTake tea or coffee after 1 hour of consuming food

üUse noncarbonated drinks. These are not only safe but also prevent you from bloating


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