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What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is a medical condition characterized by a spinning sensation where a person feels like they or the objects around them are moving or spinning. this spinning sensation is barely noticeable or may be so intense making normal life very difficult.
Attacks of vertigo can develop suddenly and last for a short while or for very long hours or even days. They can happen at any age but are common in older people about 65 years of age and over.


PERIPHERAL VERTIGO: this usually occurs as a result of a disturbance in the organs of the inner ear.
CENTRAL VERTIGO: is connected to problems in the CNS e.g brainstem or cerebellum.

What Causes Vertigo:

Different conditions and diseases can cause vertigo. They include
Labyrinthitis is inflammation of the inner ear
Meniere’s disease is a buildup of fluid in the inner ear.
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo BPPV where certain head movements trigger vertigo.
Brainstem diseases such as stroke.
Other causes include head injury or trauma, ear surgery, migraine, prolonged bed rest, certain medications, or syphilis.

Symptoms and Signs of Vertigo:

Loss of balance that makes standing or walking difficult
The feeling of fullness in the ear

Treatment for Vertigo:

Some types of vertigo resolve without treatment. Prescription drugs e.g lorazepam, mecline can be used to relieve the dizziness caused by Meniere’s disease.
Symptoms of nausea can be relieved by taking antihistamines. Steroids, antiviral drugs, or antibiotics may be used with an acute disorder affecting the middle ear.
BPPV can be treated with surgery or physical therapy.

How can Physical Therapy Help Vertigo?

The best treatment for vertigo is physical therapy, especially for BPPV. Use of EPLEY MANEUVER by a physiotherapist can completely resolve the BPPV in one or two visits with a follow-up period of balance training at home e.g eye-tracking, balancing on various surfaces, and walking with head turns.

Vertigo Specialist in Lahore:

RehabCure has a vertigo specialist in Lahore. So, if you are facing lightheadedness feeling of fullness in the ear, and headache?

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