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5 Best Ways to Improve Abdominal Bloating

Abdominal bloating is a condition in which the gas is produced or built up and the belly is tightened it may also feel swollen as well. Basically, it is maybe caused due to the movement of the digestive system and a stuffed feeling is sensed.



There are five best ways to improve bloating out which five are enlisted below,

  1. Eat less (i.e. Don’t eat too much)
  2. Exercise
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Abdominal massage
  5. Antispasmodic/peppermint oil


  1. Eat less

If you eat more than a normal requirement of food and nutrition bloating may be caused. If it is so, then try to divide your meals into small portions. Eat less and eat properly. if you chew the food your intake properly the air bubbles present in the eaten bite may lessen which helps in reducing the bloating effect.

  1. Exercises

Exercise is not the actual treatment of bloating but it can help in further irritation or provocation.

It can reduce gas formation in the digestive tract. For example, we often notice that if we lay down just before having a meal our stomach feels heavy or bloated. The main reason is the accumulation of the gas particles and when we walk for a short time it feels better.

Three kinds of exercises are proved beneficial in bloating.

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Stretches


It is basically a low-intensity exercise. It targets the stress level and is proved beneficial to sedate or relaxant the nervous system. The easy twist of yoga affects the digestive system by which the bloating effect is reduced.


Just like yoga pilates is also a low-intensity exercise and the priority of pilates is on breathing which basically activates the parasympathetic nervous system which has a powerful impact on reducing bloating due to the rest and digest mode.

It also reduces the cortisol level which gives promotion to a healthy body. So, the healthier is the body, the healthier is the digestive system and if the digestive system is healthy automatically the bloating effect will be reduced.



Stretching nurtures, the relaxation effect. As we know that bloating produces a stressful effect on the body and stretching exercises have a relaxation effect so it may indirectly help to reduce abdominal bloating.


  1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a major effect on bloating. If the lifestyle is sedentary and the person who is complaining of bloating is obese and has no routine of exercise. Firstly, teach and say him to perform the aerobic exercises and be habitual of these exercises mainly the exercises in which abdominal muscles are involved. Such exercises help to relax the muscles and decrease the swelling or tightening effect which are the symptoms of bloating.

DIET: Make sure that you are not using any kind of carbonated drinks, using straws while drinking or using chewing gums, etc. because it will elevate the Gas formation which will cause bloating.


  1. Abdominal massage

An abdominal massage is helpful in reducing the symptoms of bloating and tightness. Do the massage in such a position that it starts from the large intestine and terminates on the rib bone. It relaxant the muscles which are under stress thus the digestive tract is relaxed automatically.


  1. Antispasmodics/ peppermint oil

These are helpful in preventing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which promotes the bloating effect. To decrease the spasm effect from the muscles different antispasmodics are used.

Peppermint oil also gave the effect of antispasmodics hence it is also used for the treatment of the bloating effect. Nowadays the peppermint oil is also manufactured in the form of supplements that are taken by different people to inhibitor or prevent the bloating effect.

NOTE: if the bloating is chronic go ahead toward the doctor.

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