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How RehabCure is the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Lahore?

RehabCure is the best physiotherapy clinic in Garden Town Lahore (Near Model Town).


Address: 75, Tariq Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


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We provide quality treatment to patients and effort is made to make them maximally functional and normal to their daily life activities. Careful patient assessment is made to look for any muscular, postural, or kinetic issues and then after diagnosing completely, a proper treatment plan is made.

Patients presented with different problems like sports injuries, accidents, stroke, fracture, spinal cord injuries, birth defects, cerebral palsy, delayed milestones, after surgery, muscle weakness, chronic pain, respiratory problems, cardiac issues, migraine attacks, stress-related issues, etc.

RehabCure has the best physiotherapy treatment area includes Air conditioned, luminous and aromatic Cabins, a well-equipped Gym, and a capitative Pediatric room. Cabins are partnered with beautiful curtains having various types of treatment beds (stationary bed, electrical bed, Traction table) Treatment Trolley, Ultrasound machine, Ultrasound gel, Tissue Roll, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machine, Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Massage tools, Heating Packs, Patient Kit, Straps to bind Cold packs, Kinetic and rigid tapes, Dry needles, Foam roller, Foam sheets, Mulligan belt, Sensory tool kit, wooden board and nails for hand recovery exercises of neurological patients and massage gun, etc.

The gym area includes different machines like Treadmill, Leg press machine, Leg flexor machine, Stationery Cycle, Bio-Dex machine, Elliptical machine, Pulley for shoulder exercises, Shoulder wheel, finger ladder, Resistance bands, Resistance cord, Gym Ball, Bosu Ball, Medicine Ball, Balance board, Ankle weights, Dumble sets, Gait chart, Gait training handrails, Chairs, and Table.

The pediatric room includes an exercise mat, different tools for fine motor control learning, weights, spider cage, sensory toys, Motor skill toys, sensory Balls, Beam for walk training, Blocks, mirrors for graded motor imagery, Bricks, wobble board, Thera bands, stepping stone, agility ladder, Tactile footprints, Trampoline, Climbing ladder, power web, Inclined wedges, and inflatable pool.

How do We Provider Best Physiotherapy Treatment in Lahore?

Our extraordinary physiotherapy team provides the best physiotherapy treatment in Lahore by using different Electrotherapy modalities (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Heat therapy, Cryotherapy, Ultrasound), Techniques like Mobilization, Manipulation, chiropractic, Osteopathy, Dry needling, Taping, IASTM, Soft Tissue Release, working on kinetic chains, Facia, Posture, and Kinetics.

Best Physiotherapy Clinic Near Model Town Lahore:

RehabCure is one of the best physiotherapy clinic near model town Lahore because it is very close to the Model town. It is located at 75 Tariq Block, Garden Town. At RehabCure, highly professional staff provide quality treatment to patients with extreme care and empathetic behavior. Our experienced and knowledgeable Doctors diagnose the patient’s condition and make the best treatment plan. Usually, a physiotherapy session consists of almost an hour but we exceed it up to one and a half hours. according to patient’s condition without charging extra.

Why Rehab Cure?

Our unique way of diagnosis and incorporation of treatment by teamwork makes recovery fast. Advanced treatment techniques and strategies make our clients happy and satisfied.

We also make sure psychological well-being of our patients through constant counseling and care.

From a learning perspective, RehabCure is the best physiotherapy clinic in Lahore for students or fresh graduates. Workshops, presentations, and hands-on practice under professional supervisors make it an ideal place to learn. Important Events and days are also celebrated to provide awareness about different Conditions.

RehabCure is the best physiotherapy clinic in Lahore that provides awareness for a healthy lifestyle from preventive to basic levels throughout the internet and its social media resources. Our professional IT workers are always active and enthusiastic to fulfill this purpose.

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