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Best Chiropractic Treatment in Lahore | Dr. Waseem Javaid

Chiropractic Treatment in Lahore:

Literally, hundreds of people from Lahore, Sheikhupura, and the encompassing regions have consulted us for our expert recommendation and care; lots of whom have advocated for us through their own circle of relatives and friends. Our “RehabCure” has a friendly, personal, and expert atmosphere. We believe in the highest standards of patient care and customer service.

Chiropractor Dr. Waseem Javaid:

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Regardless of your symptoms, our mentor is Chiropractor Dr. Waseem Javaid will find out the basic cause of your hassle and use hands-on remedies to get you back in high quality as quickly as possible. He is very skillful in his profession as he always makes his diagnosis, treatment, and plan of care by using his God gifted sagacity, his keen observation, and his intellectual abilities. We use a holistic approach to treat our patients by covering the following domains like manual care (mobilization, manipulations, myofascial soft tissue release), adjunctive therapies (US, IFC, TENS, LASER, ACUPUNCTURE, ICE, HEAT), exercises(rehabilitation), and education (lifestyle ergonomics). We treat you on your first visit and do not recommend lengthy treatment or payment plans. We believe that everyone, regardless of their age or stage of life, deserves to live their life without pain and be able to do the things that they want to do.

A “chiropractor” is a healthcare professional who specializes in the health and function of the spine and nervous system. Because of this focus on the spine, many people think that chiropractors can only help with problems such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches and it is true that chiropractors often help people with pain but there is much more to chiropractic than this.

Chiropractor Dr. Waseem Javaid is really about total health and well-being and provides you with the best chiropractic treatment in Lahore. He is also, provides you best constancy to live a pain-free life.

Full Body Adjustment in Lahore:

It’s important to consider that the spine’s role in the body is to protect the spinal cord made up of segments, so they can bend and move naturally with the body. Spinal segments are made up of two consecutive vertebrae and the joint that connects them, spinal cord is an armor that connects the whole body to the brain. Sometimes wear and tear of everyday life can impact the spine and cause spinal. segments to move in a way that is different to normal in a dysfunctional way that wears, and tear happen gradually such as in the form of bad posture or it can happen suddenly which is common with sports injuries because of the close relationship between the spine and nervous system.

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Every day strains can impact the flow of information between brain and body. Messages may not be delivered to the brain, or they may be inaccurate, when this miscommunication occurs due to abnormal movement in the spine, chiropractors call this a “vertebral subluxation”.

Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment by Chiropractor in Lahore Dr. Waseem Javaid

SUBLUXATION is actually the displacement of bones which is the root of all diseases. Subluxation often impairs nerve functions which is injurious to normal body functioning, and we know all body functions are governed by nerves from the spine so NERVE IMPAIRMENT may result from subluxations. INNATE is the vitalistic force that restores health through nerve signals if the spine is properly aligned, and if the spine is not working properly then this vitalistic force is also disrupted. So, these are the basic three domains that are dealt with by chiropractors.

Chiropractic Adjustment in Lahore:

Chiropractors actually restore the spine’s natural movements by making fast general adjustments to the spine, they are just acting like the mechanics that tune the spine and CNS, so that engine of the body runs like a race car. But a thing to be emphasized is to keep in mind that as you are adjusted you may hear a popping sound that may seem a bit strange but it’s just a release of gas between spinal segments and is no more significant than any other releases of gas from any other part of the body. Chiropractors treat neck pain and resolve breathing problems by adjusting posture. Chiropractic is one of the good treatment approaches as evidenced by EEG of the prefrontal cortex that with chiropractic treatment there is an increase in the executive functioning, joint better positioning, improved muscle strength with improved mental focus and attention.

So, if you are searching for chiropractic adjustment in Lahore?

Chiropractor Dr. Waseem Javaid is the best option for you.

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