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best exercise to increase height after 18

Best Exercise to Increase Height After 18?

Exercise to Increase Height:

If your question is or you are looking for, how to increase height with exercise? then you are at the right place. The height and growth of human beings depend upon different factors like hormones, nutrition, genes, and the environment. Exercising is one of the best ways to enhance the height rapidly and you can grow taller. Exercises on daily basis help you to strengthen your muscles of the body and also help to release the growth hormones which are responsible for the maximization of the height of a person. Most probably, the height may increase till the age of 21-25 years. I am going to talk about the best exercise to increase height after 18. So, keep reading…

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Best Exercise to Increase Height:


Here is the 10 best exercise to increase height, which could be do done in daily life.


Jogging is the best exercise to increase your height, particularly when practicing it during or soon after the teenage year. It helps to make your bones physically stronger.


Swimming is the strongest type of exercise which is one of the full-body workouts in the water. Breaststroke is the best swimming style to raise your height.


Hanging is the best way to increase your height and lengthen the bone. Some studies show that individuals who perform hanging can successfully extend their back muscles and furthermore increase their wrist and elbow strength.

The Step Follows by Hanging:

Jump up and hang on to a bar, maintain your arm and spine straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat this activity twice per day.

Hopping Exercise:

Hopping is the best morning exercise to increase your height. This activity plays an important role in building up your abdominal muscles.

Steps to Follow:

You will jump on your right leg, and your hands should point upwards. This activity should be repeated ten times a day. Same as performing it in the left leg.

Pelvic Shift:

Prolonged sitting affects your height. The pelvic shift is the best exercise to escape from prolonged sitting, increase the curvature of the lower spine and height.


Lie on the mat with your arms side by the body and bend your both knee and feet flat on the mat, then raise your back and hip upward. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat it twice a day.

Skipping and Jumping:

Jumping can be done in different ways like skipping a rope or jumping on a trampoline. Jumping helps you maximize your height.


During jumping, you should lift your both legs from the floor and your feet touch the ground at the same time

Cobra Stretch:

This stretch helps to strengthen the muscles of the back, (stretch) lengthen the abdominal, chest, and shoulder muscles.


Lie on the mat as your face will be facing in a downward position. Place your hands on the mat below your shoulders. Lift your back and chin upward, hold this position for 5-10 sec and repeat this exercise twice a day.

Side Stretch:

Side stretch helps to lengthen the intercostal muscles and side planks. You will feel the pulling of the muscles on the opposite side.


Stand on the floor with feet apart for balancing, place your hands on the sides of the back and bend to one side (right) until you feel (stretch) pulling of muscles on the opposite side. Hold for 5-10 sec and vice versa. Repeat it twice a day.

Standing Stretch:

This stretch will lengthen the muscles of the legs and help you in increasing your height.


Standing on the floor feet together and you have to touch your hands to the feet and don’t bend your knees during this stretch hold this position for 5 sec and repeat twice a day.


Cycling is the best exercise for teenagers to increase their height as it helps them to lengthen their leg muscles and make them stronger.


1. People used to believe that height totally depends on hereditary, but this concept is totally wrong, there are other factors like nutrition, physical activity, environment, etc. that had an impact on our height.

Eating healthy nutrition and by doing regular exercise you can increase your height.

  1.  Mothers used to say that drinking milk helps you to grow faster. Yes, it’s true. Dairy products not only help you to increase your height but also help to make your bones stronger, sharper, and taller.
  2. Cycling facilitates increasing height. Yes, it’s true but this only facilitates you at your young age as it makes your muscles stronger. So, if you want to increase your height, you should start cycling on daily basis for at least half-hour and also take healthy nutrition with it.
  3. Some people used to believe that lifting weight help to increase your height, but this concept is totally wrong. It may damage the endplates of your bones and can be dangerous. On the other hand, outdoor sports can help you increase your height.

Best Time for Exercise to Increase Height?

Morning time before taking breakfast is the best and suitable time for any physical exercise and stretching exercise to increase height.

NOTE: Information provided about (best exercise for increase height) to you is solely for the information purpose. Not Valid for legislation. Please consult an expert Physiotherapist /Physician/Consultant for your respective problem.

Writer: Saba Saleem, DPT

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