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Physical activity is very necessary for healthy growth and proper development of a child. Active lifestyle of children also has beneficial effects later in life. Active and healthy child can mange stress and develop well.

Regular checkup of children from their Doctor is also necessary for proper development and  in early diagnosis of any problem if present.

You can adopt following ways to keep your child active and healthy:

Good sleep

Make timetable for sleep pattern and ensure that your child take good sound sleep. Good sleep is necessary for proper mental growth and help child to be active and perform better. Good efficient sleep regulate metabolism, helps to recover from any illness and calm down emotions. So it is necessary for your child to take good sleep.

Healthy Diet

Provide your child fresh healthy diet. Encourage the use of natural diet that helps in child growth instead of giving them junk food. Give them school lunch with healthy food like homemade pizzas or fruits and salads etc. Make the food interesting and present it in beautiful way that can encourage child to eat it.

Proper Water intake

Make sure to keep your child hydrated and encourage them to drink more and more water. Drinking water is essential for their cognitive growth and proper development. You can also add juices and milk along with water.

Prevention from Smoke

Prevent your child from being exposed to smoke because it can make them vulnerable to various breathing problems. Smoke can also worsen the existing lung problems so If you smoke often then try to quit smoking or at least don’t smoke in front of your child.

Washing hands frequently and brushing teeth

Develop the habit of frequently washing hands in your children. Teach them to wash hand before and after eating meals, playing with pets or other activities. There is no need to buy expensive soaps or hand washes.  Washing hands with generally available cheap soaps is enough. Teach your child to brush their teeth before eating.

Keeping harmful things away

In order to prevent unusual and harmful accidents keep all harmful things or chemicals in house out of reach from your children.

Make time table for playing and exercise

Make some time to play with your kids. Plan activities that will help your child to grow properly like cycling, swimming, jumping, soccer playing etc. Planning activities of playing and exercise with mutual consultation is best option. Also make some timetable for fun activities during tough homework schedule. It will help them to mentally relax and their performance will also get better.

Spending less time on watching screen

Limit the screen watching time of your children because excess of it will make them physically inactive that will have drastic effects on their health.

Provide your child with active toys

Active toys also play great role in keeping child active. Provide your children such toys that will help them being active like skipping ropes, jumping balls, cycling, etc.

Play of interest

Help your child to play activity that he/she likes.  It will increase their interest to be active and play. Try to involve the whole family during playing and fun activates. It will make the activity more interesting and also create strong bonding between family members.

Safe and light activities

Avoid heavy and dangerous activities that can hurt your child. Make sure environment safety so that your child can play peacefully.

Don’t make playing a burden

Do not force your child to play or overplay when he/she doesn’t want it. Always try to make it light, funful  and interesting instead of making it burden.

Discuss with your health care provider

You can also take help by discussing it with your child’s doctor about best physical activities that are best for their growth.

Role of Communication in child development

Communicate with your child because communication is the key to know your child. Ask them about their issue regularly. Listen to them more instead of imposing your order.  Show them love and affection. It will help in the growth of their personality.  Don’t show aggressive or abusive behavior in front of you child. They only learn what they see so in order to make your child a good person, you yourself have to be good.

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