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How to Live a Happy Life?

Happiness is a state when you really enjoy your life and wants to do the best. You feel grateful and live the moment.

Living in the Moment:

One of the signs of being happy is to live the moment and not worrying about past or future. You actually free yourself from unnecessary stress or anxiousness about past or future. Because of worrying about something, you cannot change the things of life.

Being Grateful with others:

When a person is happy, he expresses gratitude about the blessings he possesses and love to share them with others. It’s a great feeling to show kindness and helping someone.

Being Honest and having strong moral principles:

He/she lives his life with full integrity and honesty when a person is happy. He means what he says and do. He/she values relations or things important in life.

Being satisfied with your work or activities:

A Happy person feels satisfied with the work and engage himself in meaningful activities. Meaning activities means not necessarily about person’s carrier. It can be any valuable activity.

Being in harmony with environment and relationships:

A happy person feels at peace about his relationships and environment. He does not feel stranger about his environment or relationships.


Avoiding Self-criticism, embrace change Happily and being not reactive to it, feeling pleasure in small and simple things, spreading happiness, choosing to laugh a lot and not taking life too much serious are also some signs of being happy.

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How to Live Happy?

  • Stop negative thinking:

Everyone known that negative thoughts will be alongside and try replacing your negative view with positive view. Spend your more time with positive people as compared to negative people.

  • Help other people:

Sometimes you achieve your goals, but you feel bad inside because you don’t help other people. But when you help other people, you will feel better. Help other people is a big prospective source of our own satisfaction.

  • Love your work:

If your aim is reading books, playing sports, spend time in activities and enjoy your work, you will have a feeling of gratitude and peace.

  • Smile more:

Smile is good method for health; it may increase the lifetime period, lower the stress level and pain. So always smile and keep your mind fresh.

  • Sharing:

If we share our time, abilities and thought with other people, we will have better solutions of problems and feel contended. Without sharing, one may feel alone and separated.

  • Exercise:

Physical activity can help to reduce stress level. Daily activity can help reduce weight, improve brain power, body energy and better sleep.

  • Healthy diet:

When you eat healthy diet, you will feel physically and mentally healthy. But when you eat junk food, it causes dizziness and less energy in the body.

  • Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is not an easy thing but a best tool to handle life. When you forgive people, you make your way to be forgiven by others.

  • Animals make you happy:

Animals love the human without any jealousy and rage. When you spend time with pets, it reduces your stress levels, high blood pressure and transient heart attacks. Researchers state that the children who play around the pets have very strong immune system.

  • Benefits of Dancing:

Dance has an effect on your physical and mental health. Benefits of dancing include:

Reduced stress,

Feeling of joy


  • Spend your time out in nature:

Spend your time mostly in parks or fresh air. That improves your happiness, thinking and memory.

  • Spend time with your family:

Family is crucial in happiness and greed. Try maximum time to spend with your family and share your problems with your parents.

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