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Soft Drinks Impact on the Body

Soft Drinks Impact on the Body:


Soft Drinks

It is a liquid that contains carbonated water, some sweetener, artificial or nature flavoring, caffeine and preservatives.

Sweetener in soft drink can be a sugar, sugar substitute, fruit juice, corn syrup, or a combination of these.


Some Examples are Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Sunkist, 7 UP and Dr. Pepper etc.

Uses of Soft Drinks:

Soft drinks can help you stay hydrated and also help in achieving daily target of fulfilling fluid requirement of the body.

The deficiency of these leads to several problems like loss of fluid content in body, headache, poor skin conditions, joint pain, muscle cramping and absent mindedness etc.

Harmful Effects of Soft Drinks on Human Body:

It has some harmful effects on the body although they can give you enjoyment and help you get hydrated. Specially overuse of them can cause several problems.

Weight gain
They cannot suppress your hunger and cause weight gain.

Obesity increases because liquid sugar in these drinks doesn’t fulfill your hunger requirement and you ended up consuming more calories.

Liver disease
Over consumption of soft drinks can be a reason of fat accumulation in liver. Liver is responsible for mobilization of some types of sugar in soft drinks.
The overuse of these drinks place burden on liver.

Some portion of these sugar converted to fat in blood while remaining sugar in liver can cause liver disease.

One type of sugar in soft drinks is responsible for metabolic diseases. It causes the accumulation of belly fat, and this can increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Insulin Resistance
The main reason behind these diseases is the development of resistance towards insulin hormone. Insulin is responsible for the transportation of blood glucose into cells.
The cells will no longer respond to insulin if there is over consumption of these drinks as a result there is an increased the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Leptin Resistance
Sugar in soft drinks can also be responsible for the development of resistance towards Leptin hormone that controls your body weight.
This hormone is produced by Fat cells and resistance towards it can cause fat gain.

Extra Unnecessary calories
Sugary drinks don’t contain any beneficial nutrients like fiber, vitamins or minerals etc. So, it only adds sugar and unnecessary calories to your diet.

You can become addicted to soft drinks because they have strong effects on brain’s reward activity.

Heart Diseases
Many studies have shown that there is a strong link between heart diseases and soft drinks excessive use.

Sugary drinks can also be the reason for some cancers like pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer etc.

Tooth Decay
Soft Drinks can cause tooth decay and effect your dental health. Sweetener in soft drinks provide favorable environment to bacteria in your mouth and they can severely affect your dental health. Acid in soda also causes damage to your teeth.

Increase in Uric acid level
These drinks can cause joint pain and inflammation. One of the sugars in soft drink is responsible for increase in uric acid level. Increased uric acid level causes joint pain and inflammation.

Decline in Brain Function
Some Studies have shown that excessive intake of sugary drinks is responsible for memory loss.

Myths about soft Drinks:

• It is considered that drinking small amount of soda is healthy for you which is not true.

• Energy drink is an energy booster and preferred over cup of coffee.

• It is thought that only one can of soda should be used in a day for sugar balance which is not true.

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