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Stem cell therapy is one of the more advanced medical treatments that is used for repair of diseased and dysfunctional tissue and is also known as regenerative medicine. These are body cells that divide to form daughter cells which later form similar stem cells or differentiate into specific cells like heart, brain or blood cells.
There are two types of stem cells. One are the hematopoietic stem cells and the other are called as mesenchymal stem cells, also known as MSCs. These have the capacity to regenerate the bone, cartilage and fat. They have the ability to support cartilage.

They work in four main ways i.e. decrease Scarring, boosting the immune system, controlling inflammation and stimulating regeneration

Stem cells are used for different purposes:

  • To check the effectiveness of a medicine: Researchers use stem cells to check the quality and effectiveness of a medicine along with the safety to use it on humans.
  • To replace the damaged cells: Stem cells are used to replace and repair of old and diseased cells with a new cell for better functioning. Stroke, burns, cancer, ALS and Type 1 Diabetes are some to name which can be treated with stem cell therapy. Bone marrow is oldest to use.
  • To understand how a disease develops into healthy cells: to review how a stem cell grows and mature in to different cell types of brain, bone and heart it might help us to understand the process of developing a disease.

Regenerative medicine is comparatively new field. It is derived from the concept of transplantation medicine. It is used mostly in chronic cases to repair the old damaged cells due to some disease or trauma. Stem cell therapy helps to treat chronic pains in a way that helps to avoid most severe surgical processes.


Physical therapy helps a supportive role in care of these patients after stem cell therapy. Regenerative Rehabilitation is comparatively new term which has evolved from the combination of Rehabilitation and Regenerative medicine.

Rehabilitation program is done after a patient has gone stem cell therapy due to chronic osteoarthritis, facet joint dysfunction or any injury to the cartilage. It also gives solution for old age persons with different joint conditions.
Stem cell is alternative to clinical medicine that focuses on treating the symptoms of the patients. Rehabilitation after stem cell therapy should be started from the very next day.

If stem cell therapy is used as a part of orthopedics surgery then the rehabilitation will be same as for the post-surgical rehabilitation. It focused on complete post-surgical rehabilitation protocols to recover the patient to maximal optimum level.
In comparison with orthopedic surgery, stem cell injections are minimal invasive procedure with no disability. Focus will be on remediating the structure and strength deficit. Strength training will be according to the individual level of endurance.

Fatigue due to treatment is common. Progression will be made with time focusing on improving the functional level.

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