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8 Facts to Prevent Obesity

What is Obesity?

Do you know, what is obesity? Obesity is one of the leading problems of many countries, so person with BMI of 25 or above is considered as obese. High blood pressure, high cholesterol level and high glucose level in the blood leads to diseases and increased the mortality rate. Now, obesity is getting common among children.

Common causes of obesity include:

  • Physical Inactivity
  • Eating habits
  • Family History
  • Junk food
  • Over-eating
  • Genetics
  • Environmental Factors

How to Prevent Obesity?

Obesity may cause cardiovascular diseases. Let us consider some factors that can help you to reduce obesity and make you feel healthy. There are 8 facts to Prevent Obesity. They may help you get rid of bulky body mass and makes you looks good and presentable.

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Imbalance Between Energy Intake and Consumption:

Major cause of obesity is the imbalance between calories consumption and calories expended. Eating more than once need and not working out accordingly lead to more fat accumulation in body, so one must consume according to the need.


Physical activity is one of the most essentials to maintain weight for longer duration. That is why, it is fundamental to help in controlling weight maintaining it to optimal levels. Adequate levels of physical activity must be followed to combat obesity.

It may reduce the risk of many cardiovascular diseases and controls the blood glucose, cholesterol and high blood pressure. We recommend 50 minutes of moderate level activity or 20 minutes of aggressive activity of strength training for an adult.


Cold drinks dramatically increase the obesity by direct caloric increase, appetite stimulation, and replacement milk and other dietary intake and high fructose corn syrup. Cold drinks also lead to poor absorption of calcium from bones making them more porous and prone to fractures in overweight.


Overeating is more like a habit and people develop it unconsciously over time. These people lose control over their eating habits as they eat more than their body needs which lead to gain in their weight. Eating whatever they found at any time of the day makes the person fat and bulky.


Eating unhealthy foods which are more processed and engineered by adding artificial additives can add bad fats in the body. Addiction of these foods along with soft drink is difficult to overcome. Junk food is highly processed foods which don’t provide much energy but make to hook the people with taste. Misleading tactics of junk food traders trap the people on the name of healthy food.


Genetics also play role in obesity. Kids who have obese parents are at a greater risk to be fat and overweight. If we have a look at family history of cardiovascular disease of a person, there is persistent increased blood glucose, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Genetics factors can be improved by changing habits, getting more involved in physical activity and avoiding food which cause problems.


More inactivity and laziness due to gadgets like mobile phones and robotic devices made our lives restricted. More use of vehicles even for smaller distances and decreased physical activities increase sedentary life may increase risk of obesity.


A balance no doubt helps you to gain a good body composition of fats and proteins. Fibrous diet helps in control of excessive food intake. Fresh fruit and vegetables have number of benefits over processed foods.


Avoiding junk food and high sugary beverages, promoting healthy, fresh and dietary food can help you to get better health.

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