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Tricks to Lower your BP with Exercise and Diet

Tricks to Lower Your BP with Exercise and Diet:

High blood pressure means raised pressure exerted against the walls of arteries. With time, this pressure can be a reason for several problems i.e.

It may damage the blood vessel causing heart disease, paralysis attack, kidney issues or other problems.

High Blood Pressure Silent Killer:

The reason is that it may produce no symptoms for a long period of time and can be left untreated.

Risk factors for High Blood Pressure:

Risk factors for high blood pressure like age, gender, race and family history are unmodifiable. Modifiable risk factors include lifestyle, diet and exercise that can have great impact on lowering high blood pressure.

Myths about High Blood Pressure:

  • One of the myths about High Blood Pressure is that if it runs in family then it cannot be prevented.

But in reality, you can prevent it by making small changes in your lifestyle.

It is considered that if only table salt intake is reduced then blood pressure will remain controlled. Controlling sodium doesn’t mean just to stop taking table salt.

One should check labels of processed food because most of them contain sodium like tomato sauce, canned food, condiments and soups etc.

  • Another myth about high blood pressure is that if a person is feeling fine then there is no need to worry about high blood pressure.

In my general observation, millions of Pakistanis have high blood pressure, but they don’t know about it just because they didn’t experience distinctive signs and symptoms.

High blood pressure can be reason of paralysis attack so one should take it seriously.

Sea salt is considered low in sodium and is used as an alternative of table salt. But both salts have same amount of sodium.

  • Another assumption about high blood pressure is that people who have it must be showing symptoms of facial flushing, anxiousness, sweating and troubled sleeping.

But as you know it is a silent killer one may be completely unaware of its damages on heart, blood vessels and other body organs. So don’t wait for typical symptoms and know about your blood pressure status.

Some people with diagnosed hypertension think that they can stop medication if their blood pressure reading is low. But if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure you must consult your doctor before stopping medication.

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How to Lower Blood Pressure without Medication?


Include BP lowering food in your diet:

Some of BP lowering foods include Fish, Banana, oatmeal, garlic, dark chocolate, leafy greens, red beets, berries, natural yogurt, skim milk, olive oil, unsalted seeds, some nuts like pistachios, pomegranate, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, kiwis, watermelons, lentils, beans, cinnamons and apple cider vinegar.

Foods that you should avoid include Salt, Caffeine and Alcohol. Choose your food wisely and control your BP.

Reduce your weight:

One of the reasons for high blood pressure is being overweight.

Controlling weight is the most effective way to reduce high blood pressure. Even a little effort is appreciable.

You should watch your waistline carefully because too much weight around waistline can put you at greater risk. Men’s and women’s waist should be less than 40″ and 35″ respectively.

Exercise regularly:

Develop your exercise plan and start doing physical activity like walking, jogging or running for at least 4 days a week for 25 to 30 mins daily.

Always remember if you have high blood pressure then being consistent in physical activity is more important because your blood pressure may rise again if you stop exercise.

Avoid smoking:

Smoking cigarettes increases your blood pressure, so if you stop smoking, your blood pressure may return to normal.

Lower your stress level:

If you start drinking alcohol or eating junk food after some stress, then it can raise your BP. So you should lower your stress level by keeping yourself calm, lowering your expectation, taking deep breaths, doing cheerful activities, expressing gratitude and avoiding stress causing factors.

Monitor your BP regularly and sleep well:

Regular monitoring of your BP and visiting your doctor is necessary. Lack of sleep can make you anxious and increase the risk for High blood pressure. Take Restful sleep to control your BP.

Note: This information is only for educational purposes and not Valid for legislations.

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