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Good eating habit

Good Eating Habits in All Age Groups

Good Eating Habit:

Good eating habit means consuming diet that contains nutrients to maintain your health, gives you energy and have positive effects on your mood. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fat, water and minerals are important nutrients that you should include appropriately in your diet to remain healthy, strong, positive and energetic.

It is not necessary to stick to a strict and complicated diet plan. Environment also plays a role on our eating habits.

The important thing is your overall eating pattern. So, you may gain beneficial results by making small changes to your diet and environment.

One should eat food that is produced by natural ways. Processed food should be avoided and try to eat organic food.

Myths About Eating:

  • One of the myths about healthy eating is not to eat at night because it causes weight gain. Fact is that according to one theory your weight should not increase as long as you are not eating more than your daily required calorie intake.
  • If you feel hungry at night you should eat fruits and vegetables rather than junk food. It will help to control your blood sugar level during sleep.
  • Another myth about healthy eating is to consider Kale (leafy cabbage) the healthiest green. But it is ranked 15 according to list that ranked fruits and vegetable by nutrient density. watercress, spinach, parsley and mustard green are ranked higher than Kale.
  • Multi grain breads are considered healthier than white breads. In reality they are not as healthy as you think. Because during manufacturing process multi grain breads also made by refining grains and filtering out useful nutrients like white breads.

So, you should look for whole wheat labels instead of multi grain. Nutrient rich bran is found in whole grain, and it reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

  • Diet soda is preferred over regular soda and considered harmless. There is no doubt diet soda have less calories than regular soda, but it also contains harmful ingredients that are not good for your body.
  • Artificial sweetener in diet soda affects teeth badly. According to studies diet soda can cause weight gain because it increases your craving for sugar, and you start consuming more calories. Moreover, it also increases the risk for stroke and heart attack. In short it is better to avoid both regular soda and diet soda.

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Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid:

Harvard healthy eating pyramid explains which food is most important for you and what you should eat sparingly.  Daily exercise should be included in your routine. Your diet should contain whole grain, fresh vegetables, fruits, oils and healthy fats. Red meat, sugary drinks and refined grains should be used sparingly.

Your diet plan should contain a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to eliminate any specific category of food from diet.



Carbohydrates are main source of energy for body. They must be used in unrefined forms like whole grain, vegetables and fruits. Refined carbohydrates, sugars, white breads, starches and pastries should be avoided. Cutting back on these can prevent from many conditions like mood swings, fluctuations in energy, rapid increase in blood sugar level and building up of fat tissues.

Proteins serve as fuel source and are building blocks for our body tissues like muscles, bones, cartilage, skin and blood. Proteins help us keep going and have positive effect on cognitive functions and moods. Chicken breast, eggs, almond, Oats, milk, yogurt, beef, lentils, fish and peanuts are some sources of proteins.

High Fiber Food:

 Eating High fiber food is helpful in weight reduction and skin care. They also reduce the risk of many diseases like stroke, heart attack and diabetes. Fruits, green vegetables, nuts, breads and beans are some sources of high fiber food.

Good Fat:  Eating good fats have great effects on your physical and emotional wellbeing. They improve your moods and reduce the risk of certain diseases. Good fats are also essentials for brain and heart. Whole egg, fatty fish, Walnuts, cheese and avocado are some sources of fat.

Calcium: Calcium rich diet must be included in your diet plan because it prevents from several conditions like osteoporosis, depression, anxiety and sleep difficulties. Dairy products, dried fruits legumes, seafood, and leafy greens are some sources of calcium containing food.

Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks.

This information is only for educational purpose. If you want any help regarding your diet plan, feel free to seek help from RehabCure. Not Valid for legislation.

By Ayesha Gulzar, PT

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