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Water is essential component of our body to maintain a healthy life. 70% of our is composed of water.  It is very essential for the proper functioning of body’s cells, tissue and organs.

Also, it helps in regulation of normal hydration. Lots of water loses through urination, sweating and digestion. It is necessary to consume adequate amount of water in order to keep the fluid balance in body.

Myths about water consumption

There are several myths about water consumption like eight glass of water are necessary to drink for everyone.

But according to latest medicine recommendation women should drink eight glasses and men should drink twelve glasses of water a day.

New recommendation is to consume required amount of beverages not just water.

Bottled water and Tooth Decay

Bottled water is thought to cause tooth decay but this is not true.

Actually lack of fluoride in bottled water can cause tooth decay or dental cavities because fluoride is very essential for the mineralization of teeth.

Drinking water

Water effect on our Looks

We often listen that drinking lot of water will keep your skin fresh and moist.

In reality water consumption has very little effect on looks and dryness of skin cannot be prevented by drinking plenty of water.

Water consumed internally doesn’t reach epidermis.

Our skin appearance depends on external factors like environment, skin cleansing, oil glands etc. But In case of dehydration drinking large amount of water is necessary.

Yellow color of urine and dehydration

Yellow color of urine is thought to be sign of dehydration. But it is not always alarming.

Dark yellow urine may be the cause of dehydration.

Kidneys regulate urine concentration output during filtration of waste products.

So the increased concentration of urine causes the urine color to be dark.  Some medicines can also cause change in urine color.

Thirst and Dehydration

It is considered that if you feel thirsty that means you are dehydrated.

Dehydration begins when concentration of substance in blood rises to 5% while thirst start feeling even when concentration of substance in blood rises less than 2%.

So whenever you feel thirsty you should drink plenty of water but there is no need to think that it must be dehydration.

Role of Water in our Life

  • Water Removes toxins from our body. It helps in flushing out toxins from body. Rather than neutralizing the toxin, kidneys need sufficient amount to remove waste from body.

If we do not drink enough of it, then kidneys cannot do their job properly and toxins will remain in the body. For good health toxin removal is necessary.

  • Effect on weight loss

Drinking water help in weight loss. It means water itself do not causes it but help in the process of weight loss. Water take the place of other calorie full beverages in your diet and hence your overall number of calories decreases. when you drink water before meal it fill up most space so you eat less.

  • Impact on metabolism

Water helps in increasing your metabolism even if it is cold.

According to a study in New York drinking water accelerate weight loss.

According to another research in Germany drinking only 17 ounces of water, increases the metabolic rate by 30% in subjects.

When to avoid drinking Excessive Fluid?

There are some conditions in which you should not drink too much water because it can put you at risk.

Some heart conditions, Edema, swelling in lower limbs and high blood pressure are some problems in which you should avoid excess fluid intake.

If you have kidney issue like kidney transplant then you should ask your Doctor before increasing your fluid intake.

You should not drink too much water during eating because it can cause digestion issues due to dilution of stomach acid.

How to drink required amount of water during winter?

During summer due to hot environment and increased thirst it is easy to drink required amount of water but during winter generally people deceases their water intake.


one should drink 6-8 glass of water daily but it is not necessary to drink only water or to drink required amount of water at once.

The main purpose is to stay hydrated so you can take it in sips throughout the day.

You can add other fluids or water rich foods in your diet to stay hydrated. Many vegetables, Salad, tea, soups and fruits i.e. oranges, water melons, cucumber can be used to full fill the required amount of water.

The material is for information purpose only.

By Dr Ayesha, PT

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