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POSTURE: It’s the position of a body in rest or while in motion. It can be Dynamic or Static.

Dynamic posture is the one which we assume while in motion like walking, bending or running.

Static posture is the one that we assume while at rest.

Maintenance of a normal posture is important otherwise it may lead a faulty posture which cast excessive forces on muscles and joints. Over time this faulty posture lead to musculoskeletal issues.

There are two primary and two secondary curves of the spine. Primary curves are original fetal curves. They include the Thoracic and Sacrococcygeal while secondary curves include cervical and lumbar. Cervical curve is formed when child started holding up his neck and lumbar curve is formed when the child started sitting. Exaggeration of these curves or decrease in there angle will lead to faulty posture.


Adopting a correct posture to avoid spinal and muscular issues is necessary.  For a healthy back correct sitting in correct posture is necessary. A straight back and shoulders helps us to reduce stress on our body and also make us feel better and more confident. Prolong sitting in offices, schools and homes while relaxing can cause many back and neck problems. A correct posture can made this more durable and effective. Good posture means maintaining the normal alignment with minimal muscle tension. Sitting in office and working on computers for prolong times cause excessive stress on neck, shoulder and back muscle. Here is a guideline to sit in a proper way.

  • Keeping feet flat or a rest board
  • Avoid crossing of legs
  • Keep knees and hips at same level or slightly lower
  • Forearm and shoulders should be parallel to floor
  • Shoulders in relax position
  • Holding elbows on the side
  • Sitting straight without an strain on neck region
  • Keeping back against chair or using a back support
  • Avoid prolong sitting or take break after every hour for ten minutes


Sound sleep for almost eight hours is necessary for a good health. Maintaining your posture is also an important thing because eight hours are a big fraction of your day. A bad posture while sleeping can exhaust you rather than freshen up. Neck strain is common after sleeping in wrong manner. So it’s better to avoid bad posture and adopt a healthy way to sleep. Posture that you seem comfortable with might cause health issues. Here is a guideline for a good posture of sleep.

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach
  • Start sleeping on your right shoulder
  • Put a pillow between your knees
  • Maintain your back and neck curves
  • Don’t use to high or too flat pillow for neck
  • Avoid saggy mattress
  • Prevent poor alignment and bending your knees to chest

Different types of Faulty Postures are:

Lordotic Posture: The increase in normal lumbar curvature and tilting of pelvis anteriorly.

Forward Head Posture: Forward head and rounded shoulder is a common posture which involves forward bending of lower cervical and upper thoracic region. It leads flattening of lower cervical spine which cause headache, neck ache and shoulder pain.

Sway Back posture: forward and upper thoracic region with shifting of pelvis anterioly.

Scoliosis: It refers to lateral shifting of spine either right of left. Depending upon shape it might C-Shape or S-Shape.

Kyphosis: it’s the exaggerated thoracic curve with an angle greater than 40 degrees. It is also called as hunch back.

All these postures cause musculoskeletal abnormalities which become a permanent source of pain if not treated and corrected on time. Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome are due to muscle tightness in one area which lead to weakness in the other area. These cross syndromes lead to poor posture in neck and low back and are continuous source of pain.

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