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MRI ­­­ is used worldwide for spinal problem detection and underlying soft tissue problems which are not otherwise visible on a digital X-RAY. It has many benefits on other devices like CT SCAN and X-RAY that it doesn’t use ionizing radiations and a pain free process to got with. No doubt MRI is standard equipment, but it also has led to misleading spinal diagnosis. In many cases it shows a normal MRI of a symptomatic spine. Also there is a defective spine in MRI while the patient is perfectly alright. No doubt MRI is a miracle equipment to detect spinal and deep tissue problems which otherwise go unchecked but in many cases of low back pain the results of MRI are false. Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses strong magnetic waves along with radio waves to create an extensive image of the structures and organs within the body. An incorrect result will lead to wrong diagnosis and even false treatment of patient.  A false diagnosis also delayed [...]

health tips


“HEALTH IS WEALTH” is a common phrase we have been through many times. Let’s discuss what health is and what are the components that it is composed of? What makes it good and what affects it? What life style we need to follow to make our health good? Health is a combination of mind, body and soul. Compromise of one component will affect the other. So for a good health all three must need to be in a balance state. A healthy mind leads to healthy body. Here are certain health tips for a balance life. Sound sleep Waking early in the morning Stay hydrated Eat healthy Avoid carbonated drinks Reduce weight Avoid smoking/alcohol Do exercises Sound Sleep: As Early to bed and early to rise is an old saying which signifies both the importance of sound sleep as well sleeping early at night to wake up in early hours in the morning. Researches prove that helps to control negativity, make person more productive, fresh and an active in his routine life. Total number of hours [...]

carbonated drinks

Soft Drinks Impact on the Body

The Soft drink It is a liquid that contains carbonated water, some sweetener, artificial or nature flavoring, caffeine and preservatives. Sweetener Sweetener in soft drink can be a sugar, sugar substitute, fruit juice, corn syrup, or a combination of these. Example Some Examples are Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Sunkist, 7 UP and Dr. Pepper etc. Uses of Soft Drinks: Soft drinks can help you stay hydrated and also help in achieving daily target of fulfilling fluid requirement of the body. The deficiency of these leads to several problems like loss of fluid content in body, headache, poor skin conditions, joint pain, muscle cramping and absent mindedness etc. Soft Drinks impact on the body: It has some harmful effects on the body although they can give you enjoyment and help you get hydrated. Specially overuse of them can cause several problems. Weight gain They cannot suppress your hunger and cause weight gain. Obesity increases because liquid sugar in these drinks doesn’t fulfill your hunger requirement and you ended [...]

urinary incontinence


Urinary incontinence is the outflow of urine due to weakness in the muscles that control urine and bladder. It occurs with coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising and lifting heavy weights. It may affect many functional activities of life. FACTS: Urinary incontinence may affect both males and females but mostly females suffer with the condition. Common factors that may involve urinary incontinence include Before and after pregnancy Obesity Old age patients Abnormal menopause Uterus surgery Urinary tract infection Constipation Any neurological disorders (e.g. stroke etc.) Prolonged use of chocolate, smoking ,coffee or tea. PREVENTION: Changing lifestyle Maintain body weight Exercising pelvic floor muscles Healthy diet Stop smoking Avoid cold drink, coffee, tea, chocolate, spicy food. EXERCISES: Some exercises can prevent urinary incontinence and other problems related to pelvic floor. Here is step by step guide to perform these exercises correctly. Kegal exercise: This exercise strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support other structures around it. Position: Lay straight on your bed, bend your both knee, control bladder part as if you are going to control urine. Frequency: 10 sec hold and then relax. Repeat 3 sets 10 [...]

pinched nerve

Sciatica pain during pregnancy

Sciatica is a painful condition. It can be sharp, burning, dull, shooting, deep pain that spread out to your low back, buttock and behind the leg. The sciatica nerve is big and run under uterus. It can be irritated by changes in position. The problem is common in pregnancy and usually developed during 3rd trimester of pregnancy Sides of Pain: Mostly female feel pain on one side of the leg but it can occur in both legs. Causes of sciatica during pregnancy: It is caused by: Spinal problems such as disc bulge or herniated is not common during pregnancy but 60-80% females have low back pain (sciatica like symptom) during pregnancy. Forward shift of center of gravity due to increase belly size and breast During 3rd trimester baby’s head settle in correct birth position which can be the leading cause Changes of bone such as osteoarthritis and spinal narrowing Increased fluid retention and weight gain can put stress and pressure on sciatica nerve The tight muscles around the hip and back Symptoms: Difficulty [...]

Water and its importance

How much water should we drink during cold and summer?

Water is essential component of our body to maintain a healthy life. 70% of our is composed of water.  It is very essential for the proper functioning of body’s cells, tissue and organs. Also, it helps in regulation of normal hydration. Lots of water loses through urination, sweating and digestion. It is necessary to consume adequate amount of water in order to keep the fluid balance in body. Myths about water consumption There are several myths about water consumption like eight glass of water are necessary to drink for everyone. But according to latest medicine recommendation women should drink eight glasses and men should drink twelve glasses of water a day. New recommendation is to consume required amount of beverages not just water. Bottled water and Tooth Decay Bottled water is thought to cause tooth decay but this is not true. Actually lack of fluoride in bottled water can cause tooth decay or dental cavities because fluoride is very essential for the mineralization of teeth. Drinking water Water effect [...]



Good eating habit means consuming diet that contains nutrients to maintain your health, gives you energy and have positive effects on your mood. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fat, water and minerals are important nutrients that you should include appropriately in your diet to remain healthy, strong, positive and energetic. It is not necessary to stick to a strict and complicated diet plan. Environment also plays a role on our eating habits. The important thing is your overall eating pattern. So you may gain beneficial results by making small changes to your diet and environment. One should eat food that is produced by natural ways. Processed food should be avoided and try to eat organic food. MYTHS ABOUT EATING One of the myth about healthy eating is not to eat at night because it causes weight gain. Fact is that according to one theory your weight should not increase as long as you are not eating more than your daily required calorie intake. If you feel hungry [...]

gym equipments


Mainly cardio are used for reduce weight and burn fat. They increase our heart rate. Cardio make heart muscles strong enough that it doesn’t have to work hard to pump blood. Cardio reduces risk of certain diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, blood cholesterol level, diabetes and some type of cancers. It also helps to control disease like high sugar levels and high bl ood pressure. Here is a list of top gym equipments which can be used for cardio in gym: Treadmill Rowing machine Spin bike Elliptical Arc Trainer Skill mill Air Bike Versa Climber Treadmill: Treadmill is considered as best for High Intensity Interval Training as the speed and inclination can be controlled by the individual according to once needs. It is one of the effective equipment for reducing weight, burning calories and improving cardio-vascular function. Treadmill Rowing machine: Rowing machine is one of the best low impacts exercising equipment. It is well-suited for cross training. Rowing provides greater range of muscle work as compare to other cardio. In comparison [...]

Flat feet

FLAT FOOT? What are causes and solutions?

Flat feet/ fallen arches are a painless condition in which arches of one or both feet doesn’t developed during infancy. When people walking and standing, their feet move to inside side of body .This is called over pronation. In some cases, its developed wear and tear stresses of age or after an injury. This condition can change the alignment of leg then produce problem in knee and ankle. What is arch? If you see foot from inside you will observe an upward curve in middle is called arch.  Number of tendons in your leg and foot to form arches. These arches provide support and distribute body weight in leg and feet. Symptoms: Some people have flat feet and observe no problems and need no treatment. But several may follow symptom: Swelling inside of your feet Painful area especially lower back,hip,knee,calf, arches of foot and heels Feet fatigue easily Difficulty in standing, balance, walking ,running and climbing Stiffness feel in your one or both feet Feet are stiff ,numb, [...]

Chest pain

Feeling of Chest Pain? Is it acidity or something else?

Chest pain is discomfort feeling in area below neck to upper abdomen. Chest area protects the major organs of the body. It also have some valuable blood vessels that are  important for our life. One of biggest myth about chest pain is that it is always due to heart attack but that’s not always true.  There are several reasons for chest pain that can be very serious or may be trivial. It is also considered that chest pain feeling is same for everybody but in reality it can be different for everyone. You may also feel pain in other areas of the body like in arms, jaw, upper back or feeling unwell.  HOW IT FEELS IN DIFFERENT GENDER: Women feel heart related chest pain during rest or sleep while Men tend to feel it during activity. Diabetic patients may not feel any pain before heart attack because of nerve damage. Symptoms Chest pain may feel like aching, burning, sharp, dull, stabbing, crushing or squeezing sensation [...]