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Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

Sciatica is a painful condition. It can be sharp, burning, dull, shooting, deep pain that spread out to your low back, buttock and behind the leg.

The sciatica nerve is big and run under uterus. It can be irritated by changes in position.

The problem is common in pregnancy and usually developed during 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Sides of Pain:

Mostly female feel pain on one side of the leg but it can occur in both legs.

Causes of sciatica during pregnancy:

It is caused by:

  • Spinal problems such as disc bulge or herniated is not common during pregnancy but 60-80% females have low back pain like sciatica pain during pregnancy.
  • Forward shift of center of gravity due to increase belly size and breast
  • During 3rd trimester baby’s head settle in correct birth position which can be the leading cause
  • Changes of bone such as osteoarthritis and spinal narrowing
  • Increased fluid retention and weight gain can put stress and pressure on sciatica nerve
  • The tight muscles around the hip and back

Symptoms of sciatica pain:

  • Difficulty in sitting, standing, bending or walking
  • Sharp, dull, burning or shooting pain
  • Tingling, pin, needles, numbness or weakness in affected leg or foot
  • Constant pain in one side of your leg
  • Pain extend from buttock, behind the thigh and foot
  • Reduced bowl and bladder control
  • Pain that worse with moving, coughing or sneezing
  • Night pain while rolling


  • Avoid long sitting, standing and walking
  • Maintain body weight
  • Take warm shower
  • Protecting back through exercise and stretching
  • Avoid heavy lifting or twisting

Myths about sciatica:

  • Every legs pain qualifies as sciatica? Not true
  • You should stay in bed and rest, if you have sciatica. Wrong
  • Medication is the only best method to relief from sciatica? Not true

Sciatica Pain Treatment:

Some of the stretches are as follows

Stretches for Sciatica
  1. Piriformis Stretch:


  • Sit on chair, keep back straight
  • Place the ankle of your right side to the opposite leg for the right sided pain. The next step is to bend the trunk forward.
  • Hold it 30 sec. repeat all in day.

2: Table stretch:


  • Standing position with feet apart. Place hand on your table, arm straight and back flat.
  • Take your trunk in the forward direction so that you can feel the stretch on the back and legs.
  • Hold 30 sec. repeat twice a day
Table stretch for the back


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