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Tips for Weakened Immune System After Dengue


If you are looking for, a cure after being affected with dengue, how to strengthen your body after facing weakness or how to cure weakened immune system after dengue as a result of fever, you found the right place at the right time.

The body’s strength or weakness is dependent upon different elements including Nutritional substances, hormones, fluid level, and also the environment plays a vital part in body health. Taking an adequate/sufficient amount of the above elements can reduce the risks of malnutrition, dehydration, fluid imbalance, and indeed the weakness in your body. Here we are going to discuss some important aspects to cure body weakness after dengue fever.

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How Dengue Affects Your Body

Dengue virus i.e. DENV causes dengue fever. It reduces the no. of  White Blood Cells(WBCs) and Platelets in the body. WBCs are immunity boosters & protect your body from infections. While the Platelets play a significant role in blood clotting. The virus can damage your blood & lymph vessels also, which causes difficulty breathing, bruising, and bleeding from the nose.

Some important symptoms and transmission channels of dengue include:

Best food for dengue

A body that is well-nourished and hydrated is better equipped to combat a dengue infection. Therefore, the diet plan of dengue patients should be very frequent. Fluid intake (minimum 3L) is necessary to prevent the body from dehydration. Here listed some food categories which must be given to a patient with the above symptoms:

  • Foods that are rich in vitamin C & K
  • Food that is rich in Iron & Proteins such as meat, eggs, and liver.

Best Fruit for Dengue

  • Fluid intake Natural fruit juices, Papaya leaf extract, and Milk.
Foods to Avoid in Dengue

There are some foods that should be avoided when you are infected with dengue fever, which include potatoes, pepper, tomato & almonds. These foods increase the risk of bleeding (which can’t be managed by the body due to decreased platelet count), as these foods act like aspirin i.e they can make your blood thin.

Exercise after Dengue

It’s better to do some physical fitness training after 7-10 days of recovery. Generally, you can initiate with your normal exercises, then gradually you can increase the training (walking, running, or cycling) or workout as your body responds to you better.

NOTE: The information provided above is solely for awareness purposes. Not Valid for legislation. Please consult an expert Physician /Consultant for your respective problem.

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Writer: Dr. Aasim Manzoor

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